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The Best Place on Earth to raise Your Kids!

Let’s move to Norway to raise a family.

According to a new study found this European country provides the best environment to raise a family. After topping the list as the happiest people than any other, Norway made its mark as the perfect country to raise the kids due to high levels of health, exceptional education, and nutrition.

South Korea and the Netherlands managed to take the 2nd and 3rd position while Franc and Ireland being 4th and 5th. It was alarming to see that the USA ranked in the 39th place, with Cuba being the 46th.

The other countries who were also financially more productive than others have placed a unique superior system of schooling for nurturing child development and made safe environmental policies.

WHO disagrees!

WHO, which also played its part in reporting these findings and co-authored the report, stated that no country was doing enough in cultivating the small minds of the younger generation and are doing very little to improve the situation.

These findings point out that the people who make the decisions for us and whom we refer to as the presidents and politicians are failing at making wise decisions for their country’s youth. They are failing at protecting the health of the children, falling short on protecting their rights, and are not trying enough to save the planet.

A wakeup call!

The report can be seen as a big, bulky red question mark for the countries, and it should serve as a warning symbol to wake up and invest in the future of the upcoming generations. Every nation must safeguard the rights of the children, make sure that they are heard, and should launch programs to nourish the minds of the children.

This report also exhibited the list of countries based on their carbon emission last year and categorized them according to their projected levels of carbon emission by the year 2030. The report concluded that even though the leading countries were doing good on child flourishing index, but when it came to sustainability, these countries lacked any proper planning. According to the report, Norway was on 156th and the USA 173rd among the most pollution exhibitors.

Parents Stay Alert!

Children around the world these days are exposed to the threats that no one could imagine in their lifetime a few generations ago. As if the climate crisis and obesity were not enough now, destructive commercial marketing is something that we don’t want our children to be exposed to.

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