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The Best Hydrating Creams To Get The Perfect Summer Night Sleep

The damage that summer usually brings about often lasts for not merely a couple of months or so, but extends for years. Even when you apply a generous dose of sunscreen or head out wearing all sorts of moisturizers, serums, and even protective gear – nothing proves to be of much help. The real reason is sleep being one of the most restorative actions that cast great after-effects on the mind, body, and even the skin. Bedtime is the perfect time of the day when cellular damages caused by heat and the sun are repaired. During the night, all such skincare products get optimal time to penetrate through the layers of the skin and bring about effectiveness. So while we’re at rest, these creams, lotions, and moisturizers continue healing, protecting, and nourishing the skin. Here are a few of the best night creams to hydrate your skin thoroughly.

Tatcha Indigo Overnight Repair – For Stress Related Repair

Vicky Tsai, the founder of Tatcha created this 2-in-1 cream cum serum that brought wonders to those who dealt with eczema flare-ups, owing to stress – especially during the 2020 pandemic. Rich in formulations that use very high-grade plant compounds like indirubin and trytanthrin, the cream is perfect to restore skin balance overnight. Alongside these compounds, the mondo grass extract also helps balance skin microbiomes.

Basically, this fosters the growth of good bacteria. Most celebs have sworn by this cream, including Jessica Biel, Elizabeth Moss, Jessica Alba, and also makeup artist Daniel Martin. The cream has a smooth gel-like consistency that the skin absorbs quickly. Even when most users have forgotten to stick to the sunscreen, their dependence on this cream has calmed down the skin, and also toned down excessive redness and patches. One application at night and the next morning you can wake up to soft, dewy, and radiant skin.

Biologique Crème Masque Vernix – For Noticeable Skin Repair And Regeneration

Post-sun exposure calls for a rich evening treatment, much like the Biologique Crème Masque Vernix. When mixed with few drops of the Oio Lab 7 Moments Botanical Smoothing Oil, your skin wears a completely different look! A famous aesthetician and skin authority, Joanna Czech has even vouched for how most customers have flaunted their radiant, glowing complexions in day-to-day life, and even on red carpets, ramp walks, and magazine covers.

For starters, however, Masque Vernix is a much famed bio-engineered replication of the sticky substance that babies have at the time of their birth. It consists of 80% hyaluronic acid, 10% lipids, and 10% proteins; all of which have helped produce this hydrating and soothing cream.

Goopgenes All-In-One Face Cream – For Overnight Soothing, Softening, And Even-Toned Skin

Your skin also gets thirsty. This is a quick-absorbing solution that will offer the necessary hydration to transform the dry, sultry summer skin into something much smoother. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the Schisandra fruit and plant-based ceramides retain the skin’s firmness and elasticity, as much as it softens with the rich Illipe butter.

New York-based makeup artist, Alice Lane said that this skin remedy is a fundamental part of her routine. She religiously used her face oil, till she tried the Goopgenes face cream and never thought of making a return! Alice also recommends the same to her clients who battle with sun damages frequently.

Vivoderm Intense Moisturizer – For Even And Deep Hydration Boost

Composed of holistic ingredients that are formulated from the plant-based skincare line called Vivoderm, by Dr. Hadayat Adhami – this deep hydration cream is multi-active. It’s also replete with calming agents like chamomile and aloe vera that heal dry, chapped skin and replenishes it with intense moisture.

This cream promises no less than 12 hours of hydration! Ask Mellody Vere, the celebrity makeup artist and she’ll narrate her story of having used this cream. For her, it’s been super decadent. Made of only natural ingredients sans synthetics, this cream has amazing overnight softening properties. She’s a fan of it and uses it so regularly that her skin stays fresh. A simple, yet clean and perfect skin cream, it’s a must-buy for helping the skin stay supple and vibrant.

There’s no dearth of good summer night creams in the market. Don’t miss out on the varieties available in the market and make a quick, informed decision.

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