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The Benefits of Relaxing Music — Why You Need a Playlist Today!

There’s a reason why listening to relaxing music makes you feel so good. Soothing music has multiple physical and mental effects, and there’s actually a science to support it. If you weren’t already aware of the multitude of benefits that music can have on your body, then now is the time to whip out your playlist of relaxing music!

Relaxing music reduces stress levels. It was found many years ago, through the studies of scientists at Mindlab, that one song, in particular, was highly effective at reducing heart rate, calming breathing patterns, and relieving brain activity – and that song is Weightless by Marconi Union. Calming music has an effect on increasing levels of serotonin in the body which acts as a natural stress reliever.

Improves Concentration

Relaxing music can be just the rejuvenation that your mind needs to recover from the strain of daily life. Sounds of nature, in particular, are known to boast a cathartic effect that is actually healing. Sounds like the gentle rattle of rain on a windowpane, of a river flowing along its course, or even the tireless waves of the ocean slapping against the reef can all contribute towards a healing cathartic effect. This rejuvenation refocuses the mind and can help you concentrate better when you return to your wor or daily activities.

Reduces the Perception of Pain

The release of serotonin has yet another effect on the body – and an interesting one at that. It numbs your body from pain in a way. In fact, the release of endorphins that also comes hand-in-hand with increased serotonin levels helps reduce a person’s perception of pain. It sure is a remarkable finding – and it goes so far as to support the use of relaxing music in order to aid in recovery and healing after surgery!

Better Sleep

It only makes sense that listening to relaxing music before bed will have you sleeping like a baby – and it is very true. Relaxing music is a sort of lullaby for your mind, inviting you to sleep and begging you to rest the many thoughts whizzing through your mind. Listening to relaxing music through a set of headphones as you sleep can help you have a restful sleep that will have you energized and ready to take on the world the very next day! The music helps release anxiety and worry and rid your mind of exhausting thoughts that feed anxiety.

Improves Your Brain function

Would you believe that your brain loves relaxing music so much that the harmonic stimulation leaves your brain in perfect balance, ready to improve on its performance in many ways! Your brain will process information more easily and rapidly and will also retain new information far more efficiently.

Improves Your Heart Function

If you thought it was amazing that your brain function improves with musical harmony, just imagine how remarkable it is that science has proven that relaxing music actually improves the function of the heart as well! We mentioned earlier how the heart rate drops with relaxing music, and this is linked to a drop in blood pressure which is healthy for your heart. Your heartbeat actually regulates and begins to follow a calmer rhythm which leads to a lower risk of arrhythmias and to a general feeling o calmness.

Increases Appetite

Believe it or not, listening to relaxing music while eating will actually help you to eat more mindfully and top thus consume less food as you will recognize when you are full sooner than if you weren’t listening to calming music. Soothing music has a way of slowing us down and making us do things slower, including eating. Eating slowly has long been the advice of nutritionists to their clients to help them eat slowly a d effectively eat less.

The greatest news is that experts claim that listening to relaxing music for as little as 10 minutes every day can help you start seeing the benefits in your own life. Wouldn’t you like to be calmer, have a healthier brain and heart, and sleep better? Wouldn’t you like to concentrate better and to regain your energy? All this can be achieved by such a simple task – listening to natural sounds, gentle music, and frequencies of 528Hz (dubbed the Solfeggio frequency). Start today!

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