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Do This to Turn Your Home into a Peace Sanctuary

If you’re in search of an oasis of calm, a peaceful getaway, or a little private bubble of relaxation, we don’t blame you. Life today is all about being busy and bustling about and always having items on your to-do list. There is no escaping the responsibilities we have in life and the general workload that comes with merely existing, but what we can do is to create a space of our own where we can forget the troubles of life and unwind. Interested? Good. Here’s how you can make a space just like that for yourself in your own home.

  1. Color

When you have a headache and a mind full of things to do and places to be and stuff to sort out, sitting in a room with loud and bright colors makes it feel like the room is shouting at you. Busy patterns and vivid colors have a place, but it shouldn’t be in the room you relax in.

Choosing calm, solid fabrics is safest. If you must choose a pattern, something not too striking and mellow does the trick. Tone-on-tone patterns are the best to opt for. Add textural interest with stripes and polka dots, as they won’t compete for your eye in the room.

  1. Natural Elements

There’s something about nature that is so relaxing. That’s why when you’re out in a forest someplace, you feel inexplicably serene. So bringing nature into your home makes a lot of sense! What we find in nature are rocks, stones, plants, waterfalls and streams, trees, and natural light. Bringing this into your home can be easy.

Choose a room with lots of windows, introduce some décor that is made from wood that is as unprocessed as possible (preferably unvarnished), and decorate with pot plants and pebbles, even adding a small water feature where possible. Think of seashells, driftwood, pressed leaves, and natural fiber rugs.

  1. Closed Storage Space

This tip is useful for making your entire home more peaceful and calming. Decluttering I something everyone should do regularly because it is merely a part of life for us humans to collect a lot of unnecessary stuff over time.

Declutter every room of your home, one place at a time, every few weeks. Having closed storage is the best way to keep a room neat and uncluttered. The less stuff there is in a room to distract your eye, the less will distract you form relaxing.

  1. Breathing Space

It’s a great idea to make a space in your home that is just for you to spend time with yourself. This space can be used for meditation, yoga, taking in a couple of long, deep breaths, or even to relax with an aromatherapy candle and some gentle music. This is a space that carries you away from technology, business, and chaos. Think of a corner or a small room where there is lots of natural light, where you can have a cozy bean bag, a large cushion, or a soft chair. Have as little as possible in this space. A potted plant and a small area for a candle or two are just perfect.

  1. Be Choosy

Living a minimalist lifestyle, or a lifestyle bordering on minimalism is a wonderful idea. It doesn’t mean you will have less stuff. This means you will have more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Slowly, get rid of things you don’t love in your home and replace them with something that puts a smile on your face. Those ugly mugs you got as a gift? Gone. Say hello to the rustic cups that bring light to your heart when you take a sip of tea!

Making the most of the space you live in is essential. When you are not working, you have to allow your mind and body to unwind so that you release tension and reduce stress hormones in your body. A stress-free and calming environment are easily achievable if you make up your mind to do it. You may think that changing your home is just another thing on your to-do list, but the benefits far outweigh the effort you will have to put into it – no matter how cluttered your home is! So go and start organizing your life, one step at a time!

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