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Are Tuesdays the New Mondays? Here’s How You Can Drive Away Your Tuesday Blues!

If you are someone who works in a corporate job, the chances are that you hate Mondays. It isn’t easy getting back to work after a relaxing weekend. Also, getting up to the shrill sound of an alarm clock cannot be pleasant for anyone. The thought of doing this over and over again for the next five days is taxing.

Rushing through the first schedule of the morning is such a dampener for most of us. And then you depend on your cup of joe to rescue you from a day of struggle. But recent research suggests that Monday is not the worst day of the week. Yes, there can be something worse than a Monday, and that is Tuesday!

Mondays Are About Getting Back Into Work-Mode

Mondays are all about making your brain getting used to the idea of getting back to work. It is also about organizing your work schedule for the week. It is also about fixing your to-do list, delegating tasks, organizing all-staff meetings, team meetings, and more. The transition to get back to work mode takes time. And while planning takes most of your Monday, on Tuesday do the truth hits home, that you have to work through the week and meet your deadlines.

The Week Starts in the Real Sense of the Word on Tuesdays

After the chaotic Monday gets over, it’s time to face the music. This is why Tuesday, turns out to be one of the most miserable days of the week. There’s also a study that showed that people felt most depressed on Tuesdays.  Tuesday is that boring day that adds nothing to your week. Unremarkable, boring, and tiring, no wonder it is one of the least favorite days of the week.

From troubled Tuesdays to Thank God, it’s Tuesday!

While facing Tuesday can be really hard for people, you can make the day more tolerable and less unbearable. You can start preparing yourself better, like sorting out your actions and make your performance better. And when you prep yourself better, you are less likely to get bogged down by the weight of a Tuesday. You can also start your day by listening to some motivational podcast or a song. Switch on the song, before you have time to think and feel sad. Also, when Tuesdays or any other day looks, feels, and sounds bad, you can make it better. Like the day you treat yourself with a treat meal, or the day you catch up with a comedy films with your family, or you have a dancing date in pajamas with yourself! Anything that makes you feel good and gives you the power to take on the bad.

Make Tuesday the New Friday

You can also shortlist a few reasons why you find your work to be energizing and happening. When you realize the importance of a particular project you can write down the thoughts and how you did perform, you know the positive things. How you were more efficient and amped up your productivity. You can even answer a few answers to your questions, how you are faring at your work, how you are responding to your customers, and how they are responding to you. When you have a few good things chalked down for you, it will serve as reference material for a bad day ahead. Looking at those positive things will get the smile back on your face.

Make it count

You can even focus on your mind, close your eyes and think of the happiest day of your life. The day you won a competition, or your last holiday or even a holiday you are planning in the near future. When you start finding that elusive silver lining among the dark ominous clouds, you immediately feel better. Let that feeling of happiness, pride, or an amalgamation of positive things sink in. It will immediately set you in the right frame of mind to tackle something not-so-good. It also helps you perform to the best of your ability. That feeling of happiness can drive away any Tuesday blues you may be harboring.

Tuesdays may not be the most wonderful day of the week. However, you can incorporate these points things and Tuesdays may not turn out to be so bad after all.

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