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Three Celebrities Who Have Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder is when a person has at least two distinct and enduring personalities. Also known as Multiple Personality Disorder, persons battling it have a significant memory gap. This is beyond recall and very different from the ordinary forgetfulness.

What Causes Dissociative Personality Disorder?

Childhood traumas, physical assaults, or the death of a loved one could cause dissociative personality disorder. Psychologists categories this disorder under four categories. This includes Dissociative identity disorder, Dissociative amnesia, Depersonalization, and Derealization disorder.

Common Symptoms of Dissociative Personality Disorder

While the major problem with a dissociative disorder is that it is hidden, you could watch a few symptoms out for.  Experts suggest that there is a list of 29 symptoms that help identify the dissociative disorder. This includes General memory problems, derealization, trance, child voices, thought insertion, speech insertion, two or more voices, or parts that converse, argue, or struggle.

Besides this, time loss, temporary loss of well-rehearsed knowledge or skills, fugues, and finding objects among their possessions, to name a few. One might also notice some form of symptoms like exhaustion, startle reflex, and difficulty falling asleep. However, despite several decades of research, an understanding of the symptoms, and scientific advancements, there are no treatments for this disorder.

Three Celebrities Who Have Dissociative Identity Disorder

Over the past decades, numerous celebrities have spoken about battling multiple personality disorder. Rumors suggest that the style icon Marilyn Monroe was also suffering from the dissociative disorder. However, this theory came out after her demise and not while she was still alive. So, there isn’t much empirical evidence on whether she suffered from the condition. And that debate continues. However, here are a few celebrities who suffer from a dissociative identity disorder. These celebrities have come out in open to talk about their alter egos, their challenges, and are doing their bit to break the stigma around mental health!

 Mel Gibson

Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson made his debut in 1976 and is a household name since then. The Academy Award-winning actor has a $425 million net worth to his credit. However, all is not rosy in the actor’s life as he was battling numerous mental health disorders, including bipolar disorder and dissociative personality disorder.

The actor went on to talk about it in public and exposed his alter ego, Bjorn. He spoke about how this dark side of his alter ego keeps surfacing repeatedly and how he struggles to keep it under check.

Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is a singer who is popular by her stage name Lady Gaga. The 11 Grammy Awards winning singer has always been popular for her versatility and constantly reinventing herself. While she rose to fame with her flamboyant personality, she prompted experts to believe that she might be battling with multiple personality disorder cases. The battle and debate went on for a few years.

Eventually, Lady Gaga opened up about her male-alter ego Jo Calderone. This somewhat Italian alter-ego of Lady Gaga made the first public appearance during the MTV Video Music Awards, where the public instantly recognized the white-teeshirt donned person frantically smoking a cigarette. And what followed next was a rollercoaster of entertainment and a lot of hot gossips and drama that entertained everyone!

Nicki Minaj

Roman Zolanski is Nicki Minaj’s famous alter ego, who the singer often refers to as flamboyant, outspoken, open, and creative. Nicki Minaj referring to Roman as her gay-boy alter ego and a different person, prompted professionals to hint that the rapper could have a dissociative personality disorder. Roman is one of the many personalities that the 37-year-old rapper could be battling with.

Her other popular alter egos are Cookie, Chun Li, Barbie Balla, Female Weezy, Tyrone, Rosa, Romania, Queen Sleeze, Point Dexter, Nicole. Besides this, her other personalities are Nicki the Ninja, Nicki the Boss, Martha Zolanski, Lap Dance Nika, Nicki Lewinsky, and Nicki Teresa. Nicki Minaj and her doctors have shared in detail the information of each of these personalities. They also spoke about how this rapper is a different person when one of these alter egos take control of her life.

There is no proven medication yet for the dissociative identity disorder, which makes therapy the only treatment option. We hope ample research will ensure a permanent cure to dissociative disorder in the future.

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