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Tell-Tale Symptoms For Clinical Depression So You Can Get Help ASAP

woman crying sad depressedDepression affects so many people around the world today. It doesn’t matter who you are or from whatever walk of life you come from, depression can happen to anyone. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 300 million people suffering from depression. With the latest numbers of depression cases that lead to suicide, it’s important to understand how one can become clinically depressed.

Depression can be mild or serious. It is characterized by temporary to severe sadness. This is normal if someone is experiencing life struggles like having low self-esteem, dealing with personal challenges, or trying to cope with a loss. But depression is quite a traitor; one might be smiling today, only to decide to end their life tomorrow. These symptoms can be overwhelming and can last for a very long time which may interfere with normal day-to-day activities in life. This can ruin someone’s life so it’s important to look for the signs to determine whether you or your family member is suffering from depression and need to seek professional help.

Though depression has slowly been taking up its own platform through media association, the stigma is still alive. That is why seeing a doctor or a psychiatrist can still feel quite taboo. But there should be no shame in seeking help when you need it. You don’t have to go through it alone.

So first, how can you say someone is clinically depressed? First, here are the different types of depression.

Recurrent Depressive Disorder

This kind of disorder includes a repeated depressive episode.

The symptoms:

a. The person experiences a depressed mood.

b. The person loses interest and enjoyment.

c. A reduced energy leading to disparage activity .

d. Having a disturbed sleep and appetite.

e. Having feelings of anxiety.

f. Feeling a very low self –esteem.

g. Poor concentration.

Bipolar Affective Disorder

man lost sadThis normally consists of manic and depressive episodes.

The symptoms:

a. An elevated or irritable mood.

b. Pressure of speech.

c. Inflated Self-esteem.

d. Decreased need for sleep.

Doctors use a certain criterion in order to diagnose clinical depression. This includes the following signs and symptoms. Patients sometimes succumb to manic depression and do not even recognize it or are in denial. Below is the criterion for the diagnostic that has been published by the American Psychiatrist Society.

a. A feeling of extreme sadness or tearfulness. Feeling completely empty and hopeless.

b. An outburst of anger. Being irritable and frustrated over small things.

c. A great loss of interest and or pleasure from intimacy, hobbies, or sports.

d. Suffering from sleep disturbances.

e. Tiredness and the overwhelming lack of energy.

f. Acting agitated, restless, and anxious all the time.

g. A decrease in appetite.

h. Unusually slow in speaking and body movements.

i. Massive feelings of guilt. Immense feeling of worthlessness and self-blame.

j. Experiencing difficulty in thinking. Having trouble concentrating, remembering things, and making a decision.

k. Successive suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts.

These symptoms must last at least two weeks for diagnosis. Keep in mind that symptoms are usually severe enough to cause notable changes and drive. Take note that clinical depression can affect any age including children. This being said, one must look and observe carefully to realize if a colleague, or worst, a family member is experiencing depression. The above symptoms must be taken into consideration. One must note that the more we stigmatize people with depression, the harder it is for them to talk to someone and seek professional help. False beliefs must not be given any more chances in order to have the society accept depression as a serious condition.

woman looking at sea sad depressionIf one gets clinically diagnosed with depression, they must be given attention and must feel that they are not alone on what they are going through. Suffering from depression makes someone feel that they need to shield themselves from the world. And this is why people suffering from depression tend to be reclusive and choose not to talk to anyone about what they’re going through.

Make sure to keep in mind all of the signs shared above and observe if anyone you know is battling depression. If you find that someone you love or know is depressed, make sure to talk to them, make them feel heard and supported, and if needed, encourage them to seek help.

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