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This Is Why You Should Take A Break From Work

Believe it or not, but a break from work can prove really beneficial. Taking a break periodically in the form of a staycation, playcation or a simple vacation is vital to alter the regular mode of living. The daily routine can play havoc on your health, which is why it becomes more than essential to take a break from the job. Also, with the rise in the demands of life, stress levels need to be kept in check and a recess is the right way to do it. Contrary to popular beliefs, taking a break is not akin to shirking responsibility, but you regain the stamina to devote yourself to work. What becomes more than important is looking for the signs that indicate the need to plan and schedule some time to restore your lost energy.

Telltale Signs To Look For

Vacations are a great way to rejuvenate yourself. When stressful times sneak up on you, breaks prove therapeutic. We’re often left with a burnt-out feeling as a result of working too much. Since everyone responds to stress in unique patterns, the requirement for taking a break varies from individual to individual. To make matters easier, here are some general warning signs to look for, including lack of energy and motivation, low mood, difficulty in concentration, falling sick frequently, frustration, lethargy towards work, inability to focus, and noticeable changes in eating and sleeping. In case you’re experiencing any one or more of such signs, it means that a real vacation should be planned right away. Even if that means a weekend stay to recharge your batteries, go for it.

Ways To Take A Break

Whether it’s a short and simple, or a luxurious and relaxing one – there are a lot of benefits when it comes to taking breaks. Sometimes, minute-long breaks can also get you charged up and increase your productivity levels, but if you plan for a bigger recess, here are some common ones.


Most people wouldn’t realize how it becomes imperative to take a vacation. In the classic sense of the term, a restful vacation is all about prioritizing quality rest and mixing it with fun. Make sure to not overbook yourself with tourist activities and get trapped with too much work. Most vacation days of employees are left unused and that isn’t the right way to go about it.


This is quite a vogue now. An exotic trip can’t be afforded by many, so these fun trips are growing common. Staycations are all about rest, so you can refresh yourself after a very stressful routine.


The prime difference between a staycation and a playcation is that the former focuses more on relaxation, while playcations are far more fun! Stressful work routines are common these days, so people generally opt for fun activities to feel charged up.

Short breaks

Office hours can also incorporate short breaks that help you disrupt the body’s overall stress response cycle. Taking a quick break at work, like walking around the block, after-work sessions of hiking and theatres, or even short meditation sessions, can help a great deal. Try and spend some time outdoors amidst nature and see how it will relieve your rising stress levels.

Benefits Of Taking Breaks

Both short and long breaks can help you achieve both physical and psychological space from the ever-increasing demands of life. The following are some benefits that you can get:

Reduced Stress Levels

Away from the stressful environment, a break can interrupt the building stress cycle and prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

Clear Thinking

Your creativity can face a sudden decrease when a stress response is triggered chronically. Alongside stress, many memory problems and similar issues can arise. Hence, a break in the stress cycle can help you think sharply and clearly.

Increased Productivity

Taking vacations helps you cope with life’s problems much better. Starting from getting better at your job to dealing with relationships and being more energetic, you’ll be able to enjoy life once you return from a much-needed break. After all, the cycle of chronic stress is defeated and you can restore yourself physically and mentally when you take ample rest.

Regardless of a break being short or long, consider taking a vacation when needed.

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