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How to Survive a Day When Basically Everything Goes Wrong?

Every one of us has gone through this, a day when everything goes wrong. Right from the time you wake up to the time when you hit your bed, you get swamped by all kinds of things that make you feel vulnerable, sad, frazzled, and helpless.

Instead of asking why me, you can instead try and follow certain things that may not turn things around. But at least make you a little stronger to face the things that are bothering you. Here’s how you can face the day by being a stronger and more resilient you.

Acceptance is the Key

Accepting something bad happening to us is the ultimate trial. Even if we try our hardest, we fail, we continue to be in a constant state of denial. ‘This can’t be happening to me,’ being the general refrain. It may be an illness that you got to know or something happening at your workplace, or a major row with your loved one. It may be just one thing or many things, escalating into a giant snowball of problems.

In such a situation, take a break from the madness, from the mayhem that forces you to make mistakes one after another, take a deep breath, accept that you have a problem, and then find ways to solve it least make it better. Write it down if need be. You’ll be surprised at a great many successful people who have endured similar storms but came at the top because as they chose to accept the problem.

Now is What Matters

Rather than the future causing you to worry or thinking of the past, think about now. While the future is something you can’t look into, you can only reflect on the past, but you can’t change a single thing. So why bother about things that you can’t change.

The only way to do things is by focusing on your present. Think of the actionable points that can bring about a change in your current situation.

It may be your work that may be bothering you, for instance, something you are trying to fix, but try as you might. You can’t bring it into your control. Think about what is in your power now and how you can bring about a significant change. Instead of feeling you can’t do anything about it, you can tell yourself that you can certainly do something to bring about a positive change.

Keep Moving, That’s the Mantra of Life

This is a phase, and you have to tell yourself that all you have to tell yourself that you need to continue moving on. Don’t stop now! The only way forward is to move forward, one step at a time. You cannot dwell in your dilemmas or your distress forever. Instead, by moving forward, there may be better things in the offing for you. Some somethings can change the course of your life.

There is a Lesson In It Somewhere

Look for the underlying lesson. Challenging situations can often each us a thing or two about life. Most days, we are busy with life that we fail to reflect on our actions. You may fail an exam or an interview or facing a divorce.

But instead of blaming it on others or the situations, you can evaluate if you took any steps in the wrong direction. Maybe you have rushed through it all, not understanding the process or the subtleties. There is certainly a lesson there lurking somewhere. Pause, reflect, think about it to unravel the reasons.

Think, this Too Shall Pass

It definitely will. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. Look for the silver lining in the dark, ominous cloud. There is that silver lining. All you have to think about it is, be patient and wait for it to come.

Brave through the difficult times with a resolute attitude and continue to tell yourself that there are better days ahead. All you have got to do is hold on to the positivity for dear life.

The Power of Gratitude

Don’t forget to be grateful for the good things on that day. There may be many when things are going bad.

It is important to remember those teeny-tiny things that were a good thing, but you failed to notice them as you were so hot and bothered about the bad things are happening to you.

A bad day is not going to last forever. Tell yourself that, good, and repeat that. Tomorrow is a new day, promising new possibilities. Bask in that, revel in that, and move on.

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