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Six Weird Phobias That Are Also Diagnosable And Treatable To Some Or Full Extent

Developing a fear towards something is completely alright. But when it turns irrational, it becomes a ‘phobia’. Any sort of strange yet intensely terrifying thought that occurs towards persons, objects, activities, or situations is a phobia. While they can be inherited or simply acquired over time, the main symptom during phobias is the ‘excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject’. Talk to people suffering from such bizarre phobias and they will tell you how distressing life can actually turn into for their inability in controlling such unexplained behavior that disrupts their normal living. Here’s taking a look at some of the weirdest phobias that are not very uncommon. However, it’s good to keep in mind that these phobias are diagnosable and treatable.

Coulrophobia – Fear Of Clowns

Clowns are meant to elicit laughter but what happens when they become reasons for people to develop an exaggerated fear towards them? One might be under the false belief that children constitute the largest sufferers possibly but teenagers and adults are no less, especially those who have had the misfortune of encountering anything personal or related to the media or simply the weird appearance that provokes mixed feelings. It might be strange but adults knowing they are coulrophobia have tremendous difficulty overcoming the same.

Ergasiophobia – Fear Of Work

This fear can take to new heights if not settled at the beginning. It is a complex, continuous and debilitating disorder in many people, which often leads to a psychologically disabled mind and dysfunctional attitude. This phobia never arises by itself. It is rather a covert mental health problem like depression or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or any other social anxiety disorder. Individuals suffering from ‘work aversion’ are afraid to seek employment fearing negative feedback or injuries and so on. This fear is not only related to manual but non-manual labor work too. Their relations with loved ones get strained over time and socialization is affected likewise.

Ablutophobia – Fear Of Washing And Bathing

Children are often found to exhibit strong resistance when bathed and washed, with some adults joining them as well. A rare few of the latter express significant hostility is stepping under a shower and yes, it is terrifying! Think of the hot summer months and how painful it can be to object to bathing or washing. However, skipping occasional showers can be great when preserving natural oils or the good bacteria that protect the skin and also wards off diseases. Now if this turns to a regular habit accompanied by the fear factor, health-wise it is abnormal.

Paraskavedakatriaphobia – Fear Of Friday The 13th

The belief goes that a Friday falling on the 13th of any month is ominous or a sign of bad luck on a large number of cultures on a global scale, including English, Portuguese, Polish, Bulgarian, and so on. The fear manifested as a result of this ‘unlucky’ day, called friggatriskaidekaphobia is derived from Greek words meaning Friday, thirteen, and phobia. Freaky facts have been revealed about this day, which is exactly why many have been bothered about it. Some have taken to treatment options, though which is effective for whom is difficult to say.

Heliophobia – Fear Of Sunlight

Quite a rare one but people suffering from this strange condition experience difficulty in facing the sun. The heavenly body not only instigates panic and anxiety but these people are wary of bright lights also. Avoiding the sun is next to impossible, provided one is not a vampire, but the sun for such oddballs seems to be a sign of danger. In fact, they fail to see how sunlight is vital for one’s wellbeing helping regulate mood and bone health.

Geliophobia – Fear Of Laughter

‘Life is better when you are laughing’… several studies have revealed that laughter has great health implications, in the sense that our mental health improves, our heart functions well for stress is significantly reduced and above all, social bonds are built. But imagine the plight of people suffering from fear of laughing? It won’t be wrong to say that the anxiety has stemmed when inappropriate situations have caused them to be laughed at by others, which possibly explains this uncanny behavior.

Even when few of these phobias sound absurd yet shocking, some may be extremely funny, yet there is no way to escape people who you stumble upon daily having such odd phobias. The good thing is that mental health experts have an answer for these diagnosable mental disorders. If you are suffering from any of these phobias, contact a psychiatrist.

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