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Selena Gomez Details How Seeking Professional Help for Mental Health Struggle Made Her Stronger

If you have been feeling down, hopeless, and helpless for quite some time now and have had deep dark thoughts but still downplaying seeking professional help, then let Selena Gomez enlighten you on how it is crucial to acknowledge what you have been going through.

The Disney child star has been refreshingly candid about her mental health throughout, which is simply laudable, especially since so many young kids and teens look up to her. Being transparent about her journey is assumingly not a walk in the park, which makes Selena one of the most inspiring idols of today.

Road to Transparency

Indeed, the Rare Beauty founder is one to admit that it is not that easy for her, especially since there were times when she didn’t know what she was going through and was confused with what she was struggling with. As such, she understands just how difficult it is for people to grapple with what they are dealing with.

Stock-Asso/Shutterstock Selena narrated how she didn’t want to get out of bed at the start of her battle

The ‘Wolves’ hitmaker admitted that at the start, she thought of the stigma surrounding mental health problems, initially wondering what people would think if they knew she had been struggling. However, Selena shrugged this idea and decided not to care about the naysayers because this is her truth and she knows that she is a person who ‘walks her life.’

Revealing the Truth

For Selena, being vocal about her personal battles is one way of helping her fans who are also struggling with their mental health issues. She reiterated that although she is very professional about work and tries her hardest in her job, she knew she wanted her problems to be known.

BAKOUNINE / Shutterstock Selena admitted she became strong after she sought help

Selena also let in on how she suffered at the beginning, explaining that her situation seemed hopeless. It also became challenging for her to get up from bed, which is a usual experience for depressed people. She pondered on why she couldn’t be like the others.

Seeking Help

The songstress did seek help, a move that she described as life-changing, and she never stopped doing it. It may be difficult to get help but it definitely made her stronger.

During times that she feels down and negative thoughts start coming in, she makes an effort to listen to her emotional needs. Selena finds an empty space where she can lie down, take deep breaths, and drink water.

Fizkes/Shutterstock The Disney star goes to an empty space and practices deep breathing

If she feels that she needs other people, she calls her friends or her therapist. Selena further shared that you need to be gentle with yourself and take your time.


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