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What Is A Psychotic Break? And Should You Worry About It?

What is a psychotic break according to you? The phrase holds a negative meaning for most individuals. A psychotic break is considered to be harsh as it disconnects you from reality. For certain individuals, psychosis is more of a gradual mental decline and lack of concentration. Along with it comes isolation, followed by some weird behaviors. A psychotic break doesn’t come out of the blue as there are several reasons behind it. A lot of people fail to recognize psychosis or tend to ignore the symptoms, until and unless they find themselves staring at a crisis. Get to know more about this mental illness by reading through the following points.

What Is Psychosis?

Contrary to popular belief, psychosis is not a disease or a medical condition — it’s a symptom of various mental illnesses. Psychosis generally implies a stage where the sufferer is not able to connect with reality. When an individual experiences a psychotic break, he or she senses things that don’t exist in the real world or develop beliefs that have no connection with reality. Under such a circumstance, they experience hallucinations as well. The phase can be frightening for the sufferer and can even lead them to harm themselves as well as others. It’s a phase of delusion. Psychosis can be related to a number of schizophrenic spectrum disorders and most individuals who suffer from schizophrenia experience psychosis at the very beginning.

What Are The Signs Of Psychosis?

The symptoms of psychosis vary from an individual to another. Experts reveal that in the early phases of psychosis, an individual tends to take themselves away from any kind of family and social activities. The early signs comprise difficulty in reading or understanding what others are saying, difficulty in sleeping, seeing shadows, hearing unknown voices, smelling stuff that is not within the capacity of others, and many others. There are some other early warning symptoms that need to be taken into account, especially among the kids and teenagers. As per a recent estimation, around 100,000 of the American youth suffer from psychosis every year. Although the symptom of psychosis is temporary, it may lead to more grave experiences such as delusions and hallucinations if not cured in the early stages. Unresponsiveness and disorganized thinking are also two of the other consequences of psychosis.

What Causes A Psychotic Break?

There can be several factors that lead to psychosis, and the list includes physical illness, injury, deteriorated mental health, trauma, substance use, genetics, and many more. The brain enters a phase where it’s overloaded with stress. Stress is normally the effect of a loss, poor health, trauma, and various other changes. When your brain is unable to process a particular level of stress, your emotions get affected which ultimately leads you to face problems in perceiving and comprehending reality. In order to manage the stress levels, it’s necessary for you to listen to what your body requires. However, in certain cases, despite proper stress management, people still go through a psychotic break.

How Can You Help Someone Who Is Suffering From Psychosis?

If your loved one is experiencing a psychotic break, be supportive. Give them the shoulder they need and help them seek out the perfect treatment that can bring around a lot of change in that individual’s life. The journey through psychosis can be rather tough to handle and genuine support from someone close can be of great significance in such a phase. In many cases, the role of the family members can take a person out of this disturbing psychotic break.  They visit doctors and specialists and try to figure out what would work best. There are classes which teach people suffering from psychosis ways to cope with difficult situations. There are a number of interventions programs as well which can cure the individual within a matter of time and having proper knowledge about them is imperative.

A psychotic break is considered as a symptom, as discussed before. It’s not a disease. However, if it’s overlooked, things might get out of hand with time. Psychosis can even lead to the deadly disease called schizophrenia which a lot of Americans suffer from. Hence, it’s always advisable to go for a check-up as soon as such a stage arrives.

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