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Why Is It Okay For Men To Cry?

While we have heard the song, No Woman No Cry! We should perhaps also normalize men’s crying and say, yes, man, you can cry if you need to. When women can cry, men can cry too. And if men cry, it is not because they are weak or something. Our society has unnecessarily branded men and women. A man shedding copious amounts of tears in a public place may even be the subject of ridicule. People will give their mean snide comments, hurting the man even more.

It’s time we should normalize the act of men crying. For instance, if they are moved by something they see on screen. They can cry. If they lose a loved one, they can cry too. If you have a brother, friend, or son, encourage them to express what they feel. Do not mock them and make them lose their confidence. As you need a shoulder to cry upon when you cry, lend them yours too. You need to let the men in your lives cry when they need a good cry. Why do you need to tell the men in your lives that it is okay not to be okay and let your bottled-up feelings out? Here’s why.

The Right To Expression

We don’t know why crying is looked down upon! It does not necessarily have to be bad.  If you are a woman and feel sad about something, don’t cry. And what does the crying does to you? Don’t you feel empowered after a good cry? Almost stronger and sometimes think, ‘I can overcome this hurdle.’ Men can also feel stronger and better if they tear up. They can let their feeling simmering inside come out and make them feel better.   Men can then process their feelings a lot better and let open their floodgates. Whether they are just two silent tears or incessant ones, a good cry is just a few minutes away from happiness and contentment.

A Great Message for Kids

It’s not about what you teach your kids, but how you behave in front of your kids is what shapes your child’s emotional health. So, if the men show their softer side and cry, they will know it is perfectly fine to cry. It conveys a silent message to them. It isn’t a sign of weakness. Instead, it is just one way of expressing your feelings.

This may teach the boys to be sensitive, and this way, you will walk towards a kinder world. Trust us when we say this, the world needs more sensitive men who are not afraid to express their innermost feelings; they are not indifferent and cold. Rather they are kind, sensitive, warm, and effusive.

A Softer Side Has its Appeal

Several women like their men to reveal their softer; the women even find that more attractive. Men always try valiantly to put up a brave front all the time. It can always be tiring to put your stronger side up. Sometimes women have no clue what the men may be feeling behind a stoic exterior. Are they moved by a particular situation, or they couldn’t care less.

When the men express, the women know how the person feels, and it is a welcome change. It also brings the two genders together. Yes, you know they share an unspeakable bond when you have a brother-sister duo crying or a husband-wife duo shedding silent tears together. The bond is so strong that it cannot break.

Vent Out Frustrations

Most men resort to yelling, screaming, and cursing when they are furious. But when you are angry, you feel more frustrated as anger does not vent out your frustrations, and crying does. It just makes you feel more fatigued and overwhelmed. Crying, on the other hand, makes you feel better. So, the next time you feel angry over something or plain frustrated, try a good cry. Crying is also self-soothing, and it can help you regulate your emotions, calm yourselves and reduce your distress. Crying can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can help people to relax.

So, guys, remember, cry if you want to cry! If you wish to express or forget your sorrows, it’s one way of making you feel better. Believe us when we say it. It’s worth it! It can also invariably reduce stress hormones and make you feel better.

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