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The Many Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Waking up Early

Between an early bird or night owl, which one are you? Well, whatever you may be, you need to know about the ample benefits for your health in general and mental health in particular. It will keep you feeling energized and positive for the day. Also, you may get to invest in healthy habits that may help contribute to a healthier state of mind. Here’s how you can improve your mental health if you get to be an early bird.

Stop Resisting the Snooze Button

You may set your alarm an hour early than you originally thought, just so that you can press the snooze but kickstart the process of feeling good the rest of the day.  Once you resist the urge, you’ll feel more determined to face the day with stronger feelings.

It can eventually make you feel motivated to take on the day without any shred of anxiety hampering the rest of the day. Also, you are more sorted, you have a better plan in your hands as to how you will tackle the day. Staying in bed for a longer period invariably makes you feel more anxious.

The Me-Time You Have Been Missing Out On

There is nothing more satisfying than sipping on a cup of coffee without a barrage of thoughts or feelings hitting you. Sometimes just unhurried sips can help you spend some time with yourself, you have greater clarity and this can make you happy. Even if it’s not coffee, any drink will help you sit relax, and not think about the next task looming large before you. It’s like savoring those moments before you get engulfed with the mayhem of the day.

You Get To Exercise in the Morning

Procrastination can get to the most determined of us. When you exercise first thing in the morning, you don’t have the rest of the day to think about when will you get one hour of your exercise. While it has been proven beyond doubt that exercise is great for you, sometimes we lose the gumption to put in the required hours.

When you exercise, you boost your mental health and self-esteem and if getting up an hour early will help you schedule your exercise, then go ahead do so. Many of us need those extra endorphins and blood pumping in our veins to feel strong and powerful throughout the day. So, if exercise helps you then why not ensure you do it every day and wake up early to do the same.

You Are There For Others

This is one of the best parts of waking up early. Sometimes you are just so worried about everything that is happening with you or to you, you stop listening to your loved ones, you are just not present enough for them. When you wake up early, you have a better perspective of the day, you finish your tasks early and you get to spend more time with people who mean the most. Just sneaking in that extra hour can change so many things for you; you are just in a better mood, a better person to the others who face the brunt when you’re not feeling your best.

You Become More Productive

Morning is the time when you have those amazing ideas and you get to think. That’s the time when you can think long-term in life, and what makes you tick. You can even think about the steps that can help you reach your goal. If you are a writer it will give you ideas about your next book, if you are an entrepreneur it will help you evaluate your present business plan. It just helps you think about some positive things. You can even start journaling in the wee hours of the morning, write about your innermost thoughts, and have only the chirping of birds, the first sounds of the day waking up languidly before it becomes too busy to be distinctive.

Are you willing to give it a try? Well, waking up early will not only aid your mental health but just get you closer to a more fitter you. Start small, make it just 15 minutes earlier, and when you get used to it, increase it to thirty minutes till you can wake up at exactly the time that is optimal for you!

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