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Watch Out For These Sources of “Work-Anxiety”

College seems like the most difficult thing that students have ever gone through until they step into the real world and realize that they were living life in easy mode up until that point. This isn’t meant to discourage you from seeking work and living life to the fullest, but it’s a fair warning that things are about to get extremely tough once you get that degree. For one, if you have a large loan to pay off, you need to be extra careful about how you manage your stress. Here are the main sources of work-related anxiety and what you need to do in order to deal with the pressure:

Making Something Seem Like It’s Worse Than It Actually Is

This generally happens when the main facts of the story are buried beneath layers of prejudice and assumptions. Getting late for work or handing in a report is something that happens to everyone, but assuming that your boss won’t take it lightly is unnecessary and won’t help anyone. Add another layer of prejudice in thinking that your boss doesn’t like you for whatever reason will only cause you to make matters far worse than they are and will ruin your day as you head towards your workplace. What could have been an otherwise smooth encounter could be completely ruined because you already expect it to go badly.

Being Too Ambitious In The Workplace

We get it. You just graduated, and you want your name all over the place as soon as you can so that your promotion becomes certain. You’re going to try far harder than your peers to make this happen, and your plans might actually work out, but unless a social life holds no meaning for you whatsoever (in which case you should seek a therapist), you’re going to have a really rough time over the years. Your colleagues won’t be able to fully relate with you since you’ll be more interested in climbing the ranks rather than joining their work-family. Take it slow if you want a happy work life, and make sure you’re giving enough time to your friends and family because they’re what matters in the end.

Having A Rough Start

Not every workplace is equally welcoming to newcomers. While this isn’t really a good sign, you should try and calm yourself down and focus on proving that you’re a capable employee who can get things done. Chances are that perceptions about you will change soon enough, especially if you try and help out your colleagues sometimes (don’t go overboard with this in case people start abusing your good nature). If things don’t change for a while, you might want to consider changing your job.

If a manager simply isn’t giving you your due respect, then try talking to them. If they aren’t reasonable at all, it might be time to start looking for a place where your talents are appreciated as they should be. However, make sure that you never quit a job when you don’t have any offers from other companies, as that can be really bad for your career and finances.

The work life can seem really stressful at first, but taking things easy and calmly can really turn your prospects around.

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