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Getting Ready to Meditate to Boost Your Mental Health

There are a number of things that you need to do if you want to maximize the experience of meditating. Achieving a higher level of concentration and focus is important in meditating, and there are aspects that you need to take care of to ensure the optimal quality of your meditative session. These include your diet, your physical hygiene, what you need to wear during the meditation, your mental preparedness regarding meditating, the exercise and preliminary physical preparations regarding meditation, and cigarette smoking.


meditate center calmEating healthy is an integral part of meditation. A well-balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables helps the body function to its optimum level. This will lead to a better function of the brain and an improved level of concentration, allowing you to meditate without any difficulty.

If you plan on meditating before going to bed, it’s advisable that you eat only a light dinner, as an excessively full stomach can hinder concentration. An overly excessive meal can disturb your meditation. A full stomach stimulates satiety, which in turn brings a sense of fullness and also drowsiness thereafter.

Consuming caffeine, beer, or any food products that may affect the thought process isn’t advised to be taken before a meditation session. Caffeine found in products like coffee, chocolate, and soft drinks can affect your concentration by constricting the blood vessels, including the ones in your temporal regions. These are stimulants that help you in concentrating on doing tasks but they won’t help in clearing thoughts in meditation as you may become overly sensitive to external stimuli. Beer, on the other hand, is a nervous system depressant which causes you to become drowsy and your brain activity to slow down. This will prevent you from concentrating and instead make you sleepy, defeating the purpose of meditation.

Physical Hygiene

For a more profound experience in meditation, it’s advisable to clean yourself before initiating the meditation. This is because the feeling of being dirty or the sweat that’s sticking to your body might pose as a distraction. You can take a bath prior to your meditation so that you’ll feel refreshed and free of any disturbing stimuli.

For most people currently practicing meditation as a daily routine, it has been an optimal experience conducting meditation after a bath. It is believed in the ancient roots of meditation in the Hindu and Buddhist set of practices that meditation “cleanses” the mind of impure thoughts, feelings, and judgmental thinking. As such, cleansing the body physically before the mind is a common norm for those who practice meditation daily.

What to Wear and Physical Appearance

woman meditating yogaThere is no limitation or requirement for meditation in regards to clothing. The most important point is that you wear the clothes that you are most comfortable in. Nothing too tight or too restrictive as it may affect your focus and concentration in the midst of meditating. It’s advisable to wear loose clothes when you meditate and removing your shoes is also a plus to remove the constrictive sensation on your feet. If you want to meditate in some place that’s cool, it’s advisable to wear a sweater or a jacket. Getting chills may cause a distraction while you’re deep in thought as you meditate causing you to cut off your meditative session.

But if you want to meditate in a place where you can’t really change clothes, like in your office or school, just do your best to make yourself comfortable. You can take off your shoes, loosen your belt, or unbutton the collar of your blouse or shirt so that it takes away the restrictive feeling and promotes ease as you meditate.

Mental Preparedness

The mental preparation required in meditation is unique to every person. One can perform meditation even when stressed out since meditation can bring relaxation and a sense of calmness. On the other hand, performing meditation when you’re already relaxed won’t do any harm. In fact, this will help you reach a higher sense of peace.


woman meditating meditationExpect that you’ll be sitting for a long period of time when you’ll be meditating. As such, it is advisable to do some stretching before you begin. This will help ease any tension and help in relaxing your muscles before initiating the meditation. A few minutes of light stretching will promote muscle relaxation and alleviate stress. It will also help in relieving sores or minor aches that can cause a distraction when you begin meditating. Stretch out the regions that you’ve been using quite often like your neck, your shoulders, your back, and your legs.

Make sure you keep these things in mind before you meditate. Meditation is known to have many benefits for overall health, but the most popular of all is its benefit to one’s mental health.

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