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A College Student’s Guide To Battling Stress!

Those who have been through college are conversant with the highs and lows of this scary yet exciting phase in our lives. The stress that comes with each semester which sometimes affects our physical, as well as our mental health, makes us more prone to breakdowns and feelings of hopelessness. It’s a common occurrence, and we all have ways of coping and getting rid of stress. If none of your methods work, here are some tips that might be of help to you:

An Organized Mind is a Calm Mind

College is a transitional phase for many — from a dependent high school graduate to an independent individual. This may be partly the reason why we experience so much stress during it, but by creating a structure and adopting self-discipline, you may be able to prioritize your tasks and activities appropriately. Buying a planner or starting a bullet journal might just help you be more organized about your daily life.

Set Up A Comfortable Space

We all have a bubble where we are at our most comfortable, surrounded by our thoughts and fully able to think clearly. It is important for us to establish this bubble; sometimes, it may be hard to do so with a roommate who isn’t a fan of being quiet. You can burn scented candles, dim down the lights, and inform your roommate beforehand that you need a little silence. In case you’re not one who wants to stay locked up in the bedroom, you can always go to coffee shops or libraries. What is important is the fact that you can find a comfortable place where you can breathe and ponder on your life without distraction.

Exercise Daily

This is a well-known method of tackling stress since exercise releases endorphins. It contributes to both mental stability and good health as it helps to elevate your mood and rid you of the tension that may befall you. Plus, it means you’ll be more energetic every day. If you want a more simple routine, walk to your classes instead. You’ll be more in touch with your surroundings that way while also making sure that you’re getting your daily dose of exercise.

Take Care of Your Body

College life can be quite fast-paced which is why students sometimes forget to take care of themselves in the most basic of ways. This is especially important for those who have to leave home because these basic needs are now their own responsibility, and they must be mindful of them.

So how can you properly take care of your body? Well, the first thing you need to make sure of is that you’re eating healthy food and avoiding junk food as much as possible. Just because chips and a jar of salsa are cheap and convenient doesn’t mean they’re good enough for dinner. Aside from that, try and get at least eight hours of sleep every day. It might seem like a far-fetched piece of advice because of the piles of requirements you need to complete but you’ll be able to tackle these when you’ve had a good rest. So, try to go to bed early or schedule your classes late in order to get the appropriate amount of shut-eye.

Establish A Strong Support System

Being homesick and lonely is a normal experience because some students leave behind their hometown and try to adjust to a completely new environment. In this case, the presence of a good support system is essential to help you through challenging times in college. They will help you deal with the struggles you face and make you feel comfortable, reminding you that you are not in it alone.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

A new place also brings with it new opportunities, ones that you should fully take advantage of and enjoy. There are various university groups and diverse classes for you to join in college, so instead of dwelling in your sadness, take the step to participate in them. It might be difficult but it might also be worth it, so try and find out!

There are numerous ways to deal with stress, and it varies from person to person. But never entertain any feelings of hopelessness. You may come close to giving up at some point, but remember that it will be all worth it in the end. It’s okay to break down and cry, after which you can wipe your tears away and face another day with your head held up high.


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