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The Circadian Rhythm: The Many Benefits of this Way Of Living For Your Mental Health

How can you take care of your mind and health at the same time? The magic word is the circadian rhythm and how you should stay in touch with the same to boost your health. Did you know, adhering to a normal circadian rhythm is extremely important to maintaining mental health? But first, let’s find out what is the circadian rhythm. It is your body’s internal clock that keeps a tab on your sleep-wake cycles.

It can operate in your background and impact your life to a great extent. When your life follows a steady pattern, it can rev up your energy levels too. When you follow your circadian rhythm, you need to wake up, sleep, eat at the same time every day. This will help cater to your inner clock. When there is a disruption in this circadian rhythm, things can start to go awry, drop, and have a detrimental impact on your mood and emotions.

How to Maintain Your Circadian Rhythm?

We often trade a good night’s sleep with a binge-watching session at an OTT platform. Research today substantiates that a good night’s sleep is the best and the fundamental way to help in several conditions. It does everything from stabilizing your blood sugar levels to stabilizing your moods. Don’t ever compromise with a regular night’s sleep. It can affect your health in more ways than one.

When you are battling sleep issues, you skip your exercise, choose the wrong kinds of foods, and read junk. However, it is getting the right hour of sleep that matters and the time of sleep. So, it is crucial to maintain a regular rhythm of staying active in the morning and gradually lowering your activities as the sun makes its journey to dipping behind the horizon. If you face anxiety issues, find out if you are sleeping on time and eating on time. Chances are a few of those things can go off and hence making you more anxious than ever. So, to help fix all those issues, here’s what you can do.

Change Your Bedtime

We understand that turning in early sounds boring to most of us. Who wants to sleep when there are so many things to watch on your gadgets. But you will have to need to teach your body to go to sleep earlier. Well, if you have been pushing the clock for the longest time, don’t worry about it. Take it one day at a time and start with turning in half an hour early than you usually do. Gradually without putting a lot of pressure on yourself, try to fix your bedtime.

Also, never nap in between, at least till the time you have been able to fix your bedtime. Long hours of sleeping during the day can disrupt your sleep time at night. If you feel too sleepy, try and walk around or listen to upbeat music. These are the two ways that are guaranteed to help you to keep you awake during the day. Also, avoid sleeping in, in the morning. Get up at the same time every morning.

Wake up to Sunlight

Stream in sunlight early in the morning. Push the curtains away to let in the sunlight even if you feel groggy and sleep an extra hour. Your body craves the natural light first thing in the morning. Research states that when you wake up before the sun rises or when the sun rises, you feel more recharged, refreshed, and raring to go.

Maintain a Relaxing Bed Routine

Instead of waking up our minds with the blue light of our gadgets, try and switch off your gadgets an hour before you hit the sheets. Instead of looking at tablets and smartphones that produce artificial light and make your brain more wired than usual. You should try and have a calming routine.

Try and indulge in a warm bath or put on some relaxing music. Maintain an optimal temperature in the bedroom, not too cold and neither too hot, and ensure it is pitch dark. When you look at the blue lights of your gadgets post-sunset, at least too much of it, it may suppress melatonin, the sleep hormone, and find it difficult to sleep.

So, here’s to leading a circadian way of life and lead a more stress-free and happy life! Can you change your routine and listen to your inner clock?

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