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An Inside Look At Your Favorite Celebrity Houses

Prince Andrew – Undisclosed, Great Windsor Park, Berkshire England

Prince Andrew

Andrew Albert Christian Edward, popularly known as Prince Edward, Duke of York, is part of the British Royal Family. Everyone seems to believe that all part of the Royal Blood lives in the palace. But as they also have their own life and family, they reside in their own homes or mansion just like others. The Duke of York Prince Edward officially resides in the Royal Lodge until now. The property is in Windsor Great Park, which is a Royal Park in England.

His family owns this business for over a century. It was previously under the control of the Queen Mother but changed ownership after her death in 2002. It was a gift to the Duke of York, and he moved into this 30-room mansion by the year 2004. Before he moved in, he paid £ 7.5 Million from his savings for renovating the property. He lives with his family until now, even after their divorce. His ex-wife Sarah Ferguson still resides to the same property as they remain friends and in good terms.

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