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How to Beat the Sunday Scaries? Here’s How you Can Deal With it!

Of all the things that begin to affect you at the start of the week is the Sunday Scaries. It may sound like a film or a TV show. But this is real, and it may start affecting you in more ways than you care to think and start affecting your entire week.

Sunday Scaries may be a feeling difficult to fathom, the feeling that suddenly appears at the pit of your stomach and a range of symptoms hit you, right from irritability, stomach issues, restlessness, and a growing sense of unease. It may even set the tone for the entire week that you may not want. So, what are the ways that can help you beat it?

Identify the Cause

Are you dreading an upcoming meeting at the office? Or are you just dreading the regular drill? Identify what exactly is causing you this distress and aim to rectify it. There is nothing like a good deal of preparation that can help you banish the worrying part.

Try and plan for the meeting, presentation right down to the last detail. Once you are well prepared for the same, you will better cope with the impending hurdles and deadlines. Preparing well for the upcoming presentation will set you for the meeting and make you feel more confident for the whole thing and not worry about what may come up later.

Practice Self Care

We know how hard you may work the entire week, at your office or home. So it is important to set aside a day for complete relaxation. You may visit a salon and book the long-delayed hair care treatment or some beauty treatment.

Or you may at last sign up for the spa treatment in your neighborhood. Nothing makes you more ready for the week than a day for complete relaxation. You can even settle for that long bubble bath. At last, you get to relax and prepare for another hectic week ahead.

Do Not Overbook Yourself

Are you biting more than you can chew? Stop right there; while you may try to consider yourself a perfectionist, cut yourself some slack, and consider that you may not always be able to be perfect all the time. Even if you give in your 100%, sometimes the result may not turn out to be exactly as you desired.

So, stop trying to juggle ten different things all at once, rather try and complete what you have at hand right now and then do the next thing on the list. Juggling multiple all at once may cause unnecessary anxiety and dread.

Sign off Work Completely for a Day

You may consider sitting at home and watching your favorite movie to relax. But don’t get us wrong. It helps when you don’t think about work for an entire day and soak in nature. It is certainly an entertaining way of doing something.

But there is another way that can make you completely forget about your work and routine, for the time being, that is getting out into nature and doing something fun, something like a long hike, some adventure sports or even playing a sport. A good game of sport can take your mind off an lt of things, and all you then have to think about is the game and nothing else. Well, that’s what you need, concentrating on the game at hand and not thinking about anything else.

Schedule Something Like You Never Did

Sometimes what bothers us is the sameness that hits you, the same old traveling to work or doing the same old work. Do something you have never tried before. And that will add interest value to your schedule. Sign up for a Pilates class, cook something exotic, learn salsa, try Tai chi, etc.

The idea is to surprise yourself. You have to jolt yourself back away from the everyday shenanigans and dedicate a day for yourself when you schedule something unchartered. This way, you will feel refreshed and revived from the grueling past week and get ready for another grueling week ahead.

You can always try these simple hacks to beat your Sunday Scaries, but if things get a little too overwhelming, consult a psychologist to fix things, and you start feeling better about the things at hand. Here’s wishing you beat the Sunday Scaries good and hollow!

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