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Young and Healthy? You Still Need Health Insurance!

So you’re young — maybe under the age of 30 — and you don’t suffer from any health conditions. Maybe you even go to the gym a couple of times a week, and you eat a salad with every meal. While you may follow a healthy lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your health for granted. Yes, you still need health insurance! Here are five reasons why:

Lower Costs

Applying for your health insurance when you are younger and without any existing health conditions will translate into better premiums and more savings on your part. You will have excellent health care as a safety net for whatever may arise at a fraction of the cost you would get if you wait for age and poor health to catch up with you!  Plus, seeing what you qualify for won’t take you much time since you will likely have a simple family situation and fewer debts at a younger age, making it both easier for your health insurer to quote you and easier for you to pay!

Protection In Worst-Case Scenarios

When you are young, you certainly may be right that you won’t need chronic care benefits or maybe even use much of your doctor’s consultation fees. But what is great about having health insurance at this age is that you know that should anything happen to you that you didn’t expect (like a car accident or a broken leg), you are covered for your medical costs. Unforeseen accidents are what can cost us so much, most especially if you don’t have emergency funds to dip into. Having health insurance can provide an immense, immeasurable sense of relief when things go awry, leaving you with nothing to do but recover. You really don’t want to be young with your life ahead of you and find yourself with medical bill debt because you fell off the roof and broke your back.

Health Maintenance

Health insurance plans aren’t just there to look after the sick and unhealthy. They are also there to keep you fit and maintain your health. We’re talking about all the bells and whistles that come with health insurance plans which mean free physicals, free immunizations, cancer screenings, and several other preventative care services that can help you ward off illness and also keep your health in check. Don’t wait until you are sick to see professionals. They are there to keep you healthy as well.

Obstetric Care

As an adult, it is likely that you are still growing a family. Your twenties and thirties are usually the years of family planning, and having children do come at a cost, depending on the institution you choose. If it is affordable, health insurance can buy you the best medical attention and medical care in a private hospital where you will have less crowding and more peace of mind. Having a baby is expensive, and these rise exponentially if there are complications which is always a possibility – even in the healthiest of pregnancies! When you’re welcoming a new life into the world, you would naturally want the best. And you also would want to spend less time worrying about costs and more time being joyful.

Dependents Benefits

Yet another benefit of you signing up for health care when you are younger is that you have the opportunity of adding your parents, children, or spouse onto your health care dependents at a discounted rate. This means that they benefit from your health care plan. As dependents, they will enjoy health insurance cover should they find themselves in medical costs, depending on the health insurance plan you opt for. This is highly beneficial especially if your workplace offers to pay a fraction of your health care, in which case everyone in your family benefits from that!

So, if you are in your twenties, thirties, or maybe even your forties, and you feel that you will only take out a health insurance plan much later in life, maybe you should consider all of these factors. There are many advantages and practically no disadvantages. Your health is important, and you can certainly score by starting with your health insurance plan when you are young. If you aren’t completely sold on it just yet, try looking at the lowest plan options just to get you to a starting point.

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