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This Is How Top Health Insurers Are Responding To The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak In The USA

The coronavirus has hit the planet badly and as the recent reports pour in, the picture looks gloomy. It’s affecting more and more people every day and its mayhem out there. In this scenario, top health insurance companies are coming forward to make sure that Americans can at least get a cover on their testing and treatment. This will help them shield themselves against the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19.

The insurance commissioner in the state of Washington recently issued an emergency order which instructs the health insurers to waive the deductibles as well as the copayments for individuals who need the diagnoses. The order has also directed the insurance companies to allow patients to get an early refill of the required drugs and without any sort of authorization.

Washington Is the Worse-Hit Region

Washington, is apparently the worst hit by COVID-19 the most. 10 deaths and 70 confirmed cases are on record as of now. The emergency order issued is on the lines of the blueprint that by Andrew Cuomo, the New York governor. His instructions to the insurers were to waive off any cost-sharing in case of any medical expense relating to coronavirus testing. This includes the cost to visit the physicians’ offices and emergency care centers.

Till now, around 212 people have a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 in the United States and that’s alarming. John Hopkins University is now live tracking the virus outbreak. The virus has its origin in China but has spread across 176 countries and counting.

The Uninsured and Underinsured Are the Most Vulnerable Groups

Globally there are over 200,000 cases and all this is in just two months. The expenses related to the physician’s visit and the corresponding coronavirus tests might prove to be a hurdle while preventing the spread of COVID-19 in America. Patients without insurance will not be able to afford a vaccine once they invent it.

It’s a shocking fact that over 27 million people in the United States do not possess health insurance. This implies that they have to bear the expenses of medical bills all on their own. The expenses that they have to shell out from their pockets would force them to struggle with their finances. As a result, they will automatically be off care. As of now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is covering the expenses for coronavirus testing.

Insurers Have Stepped up Their Game

A lot of people would get relief if their policies cover coronavirus testing costs. Healthcare providers would have to make sure that only those with a doctors’ prescription for COVID-19 testing to preserve limited resources. However, keeping the health of the community in mind, high costs must never stop an individual from testing for the virus.

Insurers are taking some stringent actions to help prevent the outbreak. They are providing coverage for diagnostic testing and doing everything at their discretion. This is to ensure that medical cost does not stand as an obstruction in the path of diagnosis and treatment. Many insurers are covering the costs of the tests. It comes as a preventive benefit for the consumers. In an unprecedented manner, health insurance companies in the USA have come forward to help their consumers and cover their diagnosis and treatment costs.

Everyone Is in a War

The Top health insurance companies promise to make sure they do everything possible to control this virus. The authorities and insurers are fighting shoulder to shoulder, especially for those who are above 65 years of age and are terminally ill. The way these health insurers are supporting their customers is praiseworthy without an iota of doubt.

Many insurers encourage their consumers to seek proper treatment, visiting a physician, and getting a test done. They are asking people to opt for remote diagnosis and consultation. While this is much easier on the pockets than an in-person visit to a doctor, it is not fool-proof either.

Everyone is doing their bit to help in the prevention of the COVID-19 outbreak in the USA. Your first and foremost responsibility is to get your tests done and be sure that you do not have the infection. In case you test positive, follow the directives and get a treatment as soon as possible.

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