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Here Are Six Health Perks You Didn’t Know You Could Get For Free – Start Taking Advantage Today!

Health insurance premiums and medical bills might take up a big chunk of your monthly salary if you or a dependent are suffering from some chronic disease or need regular checkups. But did you know there are tons of free health perks that you can take advantage of? These can help you reduce your expenses by a big margin. For example, you might not need to visit a physician for your checkup at all, unless it is something severe and specific that you want to check with a doctor. Nevertheless, here are some of the best free or low-cost services for your health.

Low-Cost Community Health Service

Many people fail to have health insurance because of pricey premiums and so, they do not get their health checked frequently. It might be good for them to know that most communities have some free or low-cost health screening options. Based on your monthly income, you might be asked to pay a very nominal amount. Check out the Health Resources And Services Administration to find out a community near you that provides this kind of service. The services that are provided include pre-natal care, child vaccinations, general primary care, and referrals.

Free Blood Pressure Check At Pharmacies

Suffering from high blood pressure is a very common ailment in the USA. To check your blood pressure, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and go to your doctor. There are several pharmacies around the country where you can get your blood pressure screened for free. These are not even machines where you need to do it all by yourself. You can get your pressure checked by a real person who will also explain what it means and if there is any scare to your health. All for free!

Free Mental Health Check And Counseling

Mental health is often highly neglected by most people. But it is an increasingly growing problem among elders as well as millennials. However, the fees and charges of counseling sessions can get huge and often people tend to prioritize their mental health less because of the expenses. If you can’t afford a mental health provider, you can dial 211 and find out about free or low-cost mental health facilities available in your area. It can include a mental health checkup and counseling sessions, too.

Free Skin Cancer Screening

Did you know that about 91,000 people were diagnosed with skin cancer or melanoma in 2018 alone? Clearly, it is becoming one of the deadliest scares to your skin and health. But early detection often helps in increasing your chances of survival of this kind of cancer and also fight it better. To make sure you don’t have it, regular screenings are necessary and the good news is that you don’t need to visit a doctor to do it. The American Academy Of Dermatology has free skin cancer screenings at various cities across the country. This is part of their SpotMe campaign. If you see anything suspicious moles on your skin, get a free screening at any SpotMe location.

Free Or Low-Cost Breast And Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical and breast cancer can be deadly. Thousands of women are affected by it every year and thousands more die from it as well. However, like every type of cancer, it can be cured when detected early. The CDC’s National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program has free or low-cost screenings for uninsured, low-income, or under-insured women. Early signs of pre-cancerous cells can be visible through these screenings and help the patient to take further steps in their treatment.

Free HIV Screening Centers

AIDS is a deadly disease that can wreak havoc to your health and immune system. But present medical advances can help patients stay well for years with proper medication. However, like all diseases, starting medication early can help hugely. The American Healthcare Foundation has a number of screening centers where you can get tested for HIV for free. You can just walk in at these places and get yourself checked.

Saving money is important, but so is your health. Compromising it for money is not right, but when you have the benefit of free testings and advice, you must take it. Hopefully, the future will have better facilities for people who can’t pay a lot for their insurance and miss out on important screenings for their body.

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