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Is Your Health Insurer Trying To Scam You?

There has been an alarming increase in the number of insurance scams in recent times. As a savvy healthcare consumer, you might want to look for good deals while shopping for health insurance plans. However, we tend to believe in things that are too good to be true. Remember that if you fail to identify and choose a reliable healthcare insurance provider, you are likely to fall prey to various fraudulent schemes. You think you are shelling out money on something useful, but in reality, you are being scammed by an individual who had every intention to rob you of your money. What do you do then? Here’s how you can save yourself, and people like you, from health insurance frauds.

What Is Health Insurance Fraud?

It’s quite an unfortunate thing when fraudulent health providers taint the names of well-meaning doctors and physicians. Scammers associate themselves with names of popular physicians in a locality to get more clients. When people get scammed, the unknowing doctors get thrown into the picture as well.  These dishonest people take undue advantage of the trust you put in them and are pretty much creative in cheating you.

They make use of a number of variables to deceive you. They don’t provide the kind of service that patients need, spread wrong billings among several insurers which might include Medicaid and Medicare, and decrease the chances of being caught in the process. They tend to hand over a bill for services that are a lot more expensive than what was asked and also provide unnecessary medical services just to generate insurance payments.

Is Your Insurer A Scammer?

You need to be aware of a few tell-tale signs of insurance fraud while shopping for a health insurance plan. First off, stay away from any company that has aggressive salespeople on board. Never buy your health insurance from a company that sends texts, emails, or faxes you to let you know about so-called good deals. Better pricing is often a marketing gimmick and nothing more than that. Avoid a company that promises you of really low prices. Real insurers wouldn’t force you to sign up with them and insist you to hurry up. Yes, there are deadlines that need to be met, but you should have enough time in your hand to decide whether you want to opt for a particular plan or not.

Moreover, if any insurance company claims that they are accredited to ERISA, be wary as it might be a scam. In case a company promises you to offer a medical discount card, it’s a given that it won’t cover your requirements. Have a discussion with pharmacy, doctors, and testing centers whether they would be accepting that card or not. Lastly, listen to what your intuition says. In case of any suspicion, just back out immediately.

Are You Going To Buy A Health Insurance Plan?

If you have decided to go with a particular insurance company, try to follow a few smart steps to check whether it’s authentic or not. Go through the list of companies that are involved in insurance spamming and check if the one you availed is included in the list or not. Ask them to give you a copy of the policy you have selected and check whether it will give coverage for what they say would. The company in your state must be licensed. If a company claims that it would provide health insurance through another reputed insurance company, then you need to find out if what they are claiming is true or not.

Can You End This Menace?

If you come across an insurance company that you sense is fraudulent, gather every bit of information you can regarding them. Find out everything about their potential business plans, their insurance policies, and their operations. Without wasting time, report them to the insurance commissioner of your state and furnish whatever documents you have gathered. This step will ensure that no one gets cheated in the near future.

You need to stay safe from these fraudsters as it’s your hard-earned money that you are spending. Be very careful and check out for the genuineness of a health insurance provider. They would trick you into buying a policy with some false claims. Go through the details carefully, most importantly the fine prints, and stop any scammer from deceiving you and millions of others like you. Fortunately, you can now help the authorities in curbings these scams and frauds.

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