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Health Insurance Tips For Internationals Living In The United States

You are headed to the United States to pursue higher studies. You might have already visualized how amazing life as a student in the USA would be. Playing football, studying out in the open, hanging out in Starbucks, shopping – your bucket list might be a pretty long one. However, like most of the aspiring students, you may tend to overlook one of the most important issues – medical insurance. Like all the goodies that you have set your eyes at, having a health insurance plan is an absolute must. Here are some things to think about for your medical insurance:

Why Do You Require A Student Health Insurance Plan?

Irrespective of your age, how often you have traveled, or how healthy you are, you need to prepare for any unforeseen circumstance that might crop up in the future, especially when you are studying in the United States. You didn’t forget to pack your tennis shoes or your hair products, then why miss out on something so essential? The United States is infamous for expensive health care, and carrying insurance coverage becomes mandatory automatically, especially if you don’t want an adverse impact on your health as well as your bank account. If you have health insurance in your pocket, you wouldn’t need to pay a lump sum just in case of a medical emergency.

Get Used To The Jargons

A “claim” is provided in case of an accident. You can make it possible all by yourself or online. For this, you only need to furnish reports, receipts, and photos along with it. A “premium” is the amount you shell out every month or in that case, every six months, to claim insurance. It’s more or less like the amount you pay for a Netflix subscription. A “deductible” is the predetermined sum that you need to shell out before insurance starts paying in case of a problem. It will affect your premiums, i.e. if your deductible is high, the monthly costs would automatically get lowered. All in all, the deductible happens to be the maximum sum that you shell out in a year before the insurance starts working.

Choose A Plan Depending On Your VISA Type

The international student health insurance plan would depend on your full-time student status — for example, an F1 or a J1 visa. International students who are setting foot in the United States on a J1 visa must have the requisite health insurance that meets the requirements given by visa authorities. The insurance requirements as per the J1 visa include medical benefits of $100,000 or more per illness or mishap, repatriation coverage which amounts up to $25,000, and a deductible not exceeding $500 per illness or mishap.  Students who are traveling on an F1 visa have to fulfill the mandated standards given by the US government. These students have a more flexible health insurance requirement than those who are holding a J1 visa. These policies are usually fixed by the educational institution that you have taken admission in.

Educate Yourself

You would come across several organizations that shell out the exact insurance coverage that you need. International medical insurance in the United States covers injuries and illnesses and not preventive care and wellness. It also covers lab orders, emergency surgeries, as well as emergency doctor visits. However, routine checkups are not included. Dental or eye insurance have to be purchased separately or you might add them to the inclusions that are absolutely basic. Aside from that, you might also need to shell out an extra amount if you need protection in cases of a political crisis, natural disasters, and other such circumstances.

Are You Prepared To Face A Medical Emergency?

Have a minimum amount of $1500 in your bank account if you want any unforeseen or unplanned expenses to be covered. Having that amount with you would help you sail through in any kind of stressful circumstances. You need to plan in advance as far as your monthly premiums are concerned. And budget your additional savings to cover your deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurance.

Studying in the United States is surely exciting. However, if you don’t look at the other side of the coin, you would be in for some real trouble. Healthcare is something that you should focus on immediately after you enter the country. Otherwise, you may end up draining your resources.

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