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These Are the Health Insurance Companies To Look At In 2020

When you’re shopping for health insurance, there is a range of criteria to look for and many important things to bear in mind. Some of these things are financial strength, plan prices, customer service ratings, claims service, coverage benefits, policy offerings, and provider choices. While there is no single best health insurance company (since they all offer competitive products catered for different target groups and with carrying benefits), there are many highly attractive insurance covers to choose from. You have to make the final decision in choosing the one most suitable for you, but we have come to the rescue by rounding up some of the best options depending on insurance type, for your interest. These are our top picks!

Our Top Health Savings Plan (HSP): Kaiser Permanente

This health insurance brand is the winner of several customer service awards and displays strong financial strength ratings. Residents of Georgia, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington can all become members of this HSP. The network is composed of over 22,000 physicians! Contributions to the plans are tax-free and may even go a distance in helping pay for qualified expenses that may include specialty care visits, prescriptions, lab tests, ambulance facilities, and dental care or occupational therapy, among other things. This was the 2019 top performer for the Northwest, South Atlantic regions and Maryland, Colorado, and California areas.

Our Top Large Provider Network: Blue Cross Blue Shield

The BCBS health organization offers members nationwide coverage. Seven of the BCBS companies are listed in the top 10 top health insurers as determined by No matter where in the US you live, there is certainly a health care facility that accepts BCBS in that state! The organization also boasts many policy options and it doesn’t matter how much coverage you are looking for because there is a plan available for it!

Our Top Online Care: UnitedHealthCare

UHC boasts a large PPO network and is a company that has excellent ratings when it comes to financial strength. It is a wonderful option for those looking for a plan that can be managed electronically. There are also member discounts for items and services like hearing aids, smoking cessation programs, and vision services.

Our Top Employer-Based Plan: Aetna

This health insurance provider proudly received five stars in customer satisfaction for the Washington, West Virginia and Delaware areas for the year 2019! The company boasts excellent financial strength ratings and also coverage that can be enjoyed across all 50 US states. The plans cover wellness programs as well and there are options for HSAs.

Our Top Telehealth Care: Cigna

Another health insurance provider with through-the-roof financial strength ratings! This is also a great option because out-of-network approvals are not necessary. The telehealth services are excellent. This health insurer is available to 10 states of the US: Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, North Carolina, Virginia, Kansas, Utah, Florida, Missouri, and Tennessee. Members enjoy access to home delivery pharmacy, rewards programs, health information helpline, and flu shot information.

Our Top HMO Plan: Health Care Service Corporation

HCSC is actually the largest customer-owned US health insurer. The company has high financial stability and wonderful healthy living programs, Coverage and plan options do vary by state but the company services over 15 million members in its operating states! HCSC is available in Montana, Oklahoma, Illinois, New Mexico and in Texas. Te plans cover smoking cessation support, online health assessment tool, maternity programs, weight loss programs, a 24/7 nurse hotline, and even fitness programs.

Our Top Wellness Care Plan: Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare is a health insurer that offers services to Florida, Michigan, California, Idaho, Illinois, Mexico, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, New York, South Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Texas, Wisconsin, and in Washington D.C. as well as in some area of Idaho, Virginia, and Maine. coverage varies by state but there are many attractive perks and excellent wellness care and preventative care, including adult immunizations, adolescent immunizations, prenatal and postnatal care, and pediatric preventative care.

While we have rounded up our favorites in the health insurance industry, you still have to consider your personal budget, what is available in your region, your coverage needs and so on. Your work isn’t done – there’s plenty to still look into! However, hopefully, this concise list will have helped you narrow down your search. Happy health insurance hunting!

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