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Four Easy Steps on How to Apply for Health Insurance

Health is wealth — that is why we should make sure that we do our best in keeping ourselves fit and healthy. The state acknowledges the importance of health which is why there is an Affordable Care Act that ensures each citizen has the privilege to choose and have health insurance.

There is a wide array of health insurance plans, and there are also state-initiated health care assistance for a specific group of people like military personnel, senior citizens, children, people with disabilities, and others.

Choosing the right health is essential because no one can tell what could have happen to your health all throughout the year. You cannot expect that you are always healthy. Health insurance plans may be overwhelming, but we have listed the steps on how you can easily apply for health insurance.

Know your state’s health insurance coverage.

hospital bedHealth coverage involves predetermined factors and qualifiers to get or purchase health insurance. You can get health coverage through:

a. Your company’s or your spouse’s company group health coverage. Employers have partner health care insurance providers that they co-pay with their employees as part of their job benefits.

b. Government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

c. A health care insurance from your state.

d. Family insurance plan if you are under 26 years old.

If you currently do not have any health coverage and plan to purchase insurance for yourself and your family, you can visit to check the marketplace of health insurance plan providers available in your area. Enter your state or location zip code to know what insurance plans are being offered in your area.

You must not skip this step because each state has different policies, subsidies, and regulations when it comes to different health care insurance plans.

Compare and identify which health insurance plan fits your needs and capacity to pay.

doctor holding stethoscopeThere are different kinds of insurance plans and each type has its own advantage. These are the types of health insurance plans:

a. HMO: Health Maintenance Organization

b. PPO: Preferred Provider Organization

c. EPO: Exclusive Provider Organization

d. POS: Point of Service Plan

The most common health insurance plan is the Health Maintenance Organization or HMO as it offers lower co-payments costs. The deal breaker is that there are also fewer options for health care providers under this type of organization so you’ll have a limited choice of hospitals and specialists.

If you have preferred specialists or hospitals, then EPO and PPO may work for you. Here, you will have a wider option for the provider.

POS, as the name suggests, does not have much limitation with providers as you are ideally to be assisted at any point of needed medical service.

After knowing the type of plans, you must also take into careful consideration if your chosen hospital or trusted doctor is part of the health insurance organization that you will choose.

List all your frequent medical needs then check if the plan includes them.

hospital machine surgery operationFor example, some health insurance plans do not cover maternity services. For a woman, this will be an essential factor in choosing the best plan. Another important tip is knowing if the insurance plan has limitations in buying branded medicines. Small things as they may seem but they too are important in choosing the best health insurance because you will need to use it for at least a year.

Once you have decided on what health insurance plan to get, you are now ready for enrolment.

Some providers have online registration. You will have to go to a link and submit an application. Others will need you to print and sign a form to complete. The form can be mailed manually but some providers also use electronic mailing. You may also go to the local center if you have questions or clarifications.

Choosing the correct health insurance plan is extremely important. This is a liability and obligation that will run for a year. You are going to pay for this month. That is why you should be sure to study and compare the different plans carefully. Most providers start to accept enrollments before the year starts.

Lastly, there are several health insurance plans which may include long-term nursing home care options. Be very wise in choosing the plan for you because it is your health that is at stake.

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