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Five of The Unlikeliest Places That Actually Provide Health Care Tips!

We all know where to go when we need to get our health checked — nearby clinics or hospitals, of course. But did you know that aside from these, there are other places where you can avail a basic health check-up for a minimal amount or even for free? When you live in an area that’s a bit far from a clinic, these places are your best options. You will be surprised to know that some of these are actually where you go frequently but for completely other purposes. Have we made you curious enough? So, here you go!

Barber Shops

Ah, the relationship we have with our barbers are on a completely different level. Hence, some people thought that it would be a good idea to train barbers some basic health check-up on their customers. This proved to be a great initiative. As the story goes, one day, a man went for a haircut and when he came out of the shop, he had been told that he was suffering from high blood pressure. Thanks to The Black Barber Health Outreach Programthis has become a reality. Barbers who are eager to be of medical assistance to their customers are often trained by professionals. Medical professionals and volunteers also chip in and help in the screening when there is a camp at some shop. This is an incredible idea where common people get medical help from those without the white coat.

Fire Stations

Fire stations are usually the place we call for any fire-related emergencies. But in Manchester, New Hampshire, the people who serve this noble profession are more than just firefighters. They also help people who are victims of substance abuse. They do a basic check-up at their safe stations and then send these people to other hospitals or home, as needed. This is a great way to treat people who need to be checked upon urgently. This model has become so popular that New York City first lady Chirlane McCray wanted to include it in ThriveNYCShe also included ways to fill in the gaps that common mental health check-ups need.


Libraries are often visited by people of various ages and backgrounds, and due to the huge number of facilities available there, people stay for a long time. It is not uncommon to see people falling sick in there, hence the South Philadelphia Community Health And Literacy Center came up with this unique idea of providing a one-stop shop for all kinds of health, educational, and recreational needs. While retired seniors can get their health checked when they visit the community center, this place is also great for people of any age to get their basic health check-up done.


Need some help planning your meal? You might consider visiting your dietician, but in some states, you don’t need to shell out a consultation fee for a dietician to be told what you should be eating. You can get one at your local supermarket! They can walk you through the things that are good for you and walk you through the food ingredients so that you can understand what works for you and what doesn’t – all for free! About 1400 supermarkets around the country work closely with a dietician who helps customers with their shopping list.

Parking Lots

High insurance premiums and huge deductibles are often reasons why people refrain from going to the doctor when they feel unwell. This can lead to severe consequences, and we must always keep in mind that early detection always helps in curing the disease faster. However, healthcare has become so expensive that even people from middle-class backgrounds often go without insurance. Thus, the Mobile Health Clinic was formed to reach out to communities and find out what type of help they might need. They not only make healthcare accessible but highly affordable, too!

As we can see, taking care of your health is becoming quite easy these days. The only thing we need to do is get regular checkups and keep ourselves healthy by following a lifestyle devoid of bad habits and junk food. Various methods are being devised so that no one goes without treatment and everyone has better access to healthcare!


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