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These Celebrities Lost So Much Weight – See Who Did It Naturally & Who Went Under the Knife

Jorge Garcia: Gastric Bypass

Jorge Garcia had long had a love affair with delicious food — don’t we all? He has been open about being unable to resist temptation when it comes to eating.

However, landing a role in Lost forced Garcia to lose 30 pounds. This helped him portray the character Hugo, one which he excelled in. His weight was a raising concern for his fans as the weighing scales were tipping at a whopping 400 pounds! He became so frustrated with his progress that he made a U-turn to his unhealthy eating habits.

With the help of a gastric bypass, 47-year old Jorge lost many pounds and even accompanied his efforts with a vegan diet to further aid his health. His weight loss transformation was certainly surprising! Garcia is living proof of how effective a plant-based diet really is when it comes to melting off excess fat. Jorge is now over his heavyweight days and looks absolutely fit and fine. He’s definitely looking much happier!

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