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Rita Ora’s Struggle with Insomnia Show That You’re Not Alone

Over the years, we have heard rumors of Rita Ora dating some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. But the artist doesn’t mind people gossip about her love life. The singer has come a long way since she first heard her song in her mother’s car at the age of 17. Being a part of such a fast-paced industry where creativity and consistency is key to success, Rita admits that sleeping at night is often an impossible feat since her head is constantly swimming with ideas.

Sometimes, Rita gets no more than a couple of hours of rest in a day to sleep but there are also times when her mind wanders miles away from home and she gets disconnected and ends up not sleeping at all. The British star has understood that it is hard to maintain a work-life balance with a busy schedule. She often turns down the invitation to hang out with friends because she wants to have a clear mind when she wakes up in the morning.


The singer has committed to exercise and healthy eating to remedy her sleep disorder. However, this routine isn’t aimed towards helping Rita stay slim, but actually towards making her feel better.

Recently, she started getting weekly blood tests because her doctors want to know how much sleep she has been getting and if her diet plays a role in worsening her insomnia. Rita is a sucker for wine and cheese but she can’t have too much dairy so she indulges sparingly.

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