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Denzel Washington’s Insane Workout Routine Will Make You Sweat

When we think of actors with good looks and chiseled physique, Denzel Washington is the first name that comes to mind. The actor is known for his healthy physique and youthful looks which are a result of his strict diet plan and exercise routine. Washington has the stamina that can exhaust men half his age. The actor has a 5-day exercise ritual which includes 10 rounds of boxing per week.

While many of us avoid strenuous exercises, Washington enjoys the gruelling process because he loves challenging himself in the gym. He explained that he loves the combination of the strength training and aerobic exercise he gets from boxing. The actor says that boxing is the best form of cardio that has helped him lose excess fat and build muscle.

Washington is compassionate and determined about his physical fitness, which is why he partakes in boxing exercises. The actor enjoys subjecting his body to rigorous training that involves Middleweight Lightning Hands, UFC Power Play, and LAPD Precision Punch.

For those who chicken out when it comes to boxing or any other strenuous exercise, the actor’s strict diet regime can be the best shot.  The actor eats meals that have high protein and low carbs to maintain a lean form.

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