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Celebrity Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents: You Might Get Confused Who’s the Parent and Who’s the Kid

Mary Anne Owen –Donna Reed

Mary Anne Owen

It is never easy to let go of a person who has meant a lot to you. However, Mary Anne Owen has found a way to honor the memory of her late mother. She has been vocal about her affection for her mother and how they had a deep connection. Mary Anne went on to honor her mother by reading out a few fan letters that Donna got during her heydays. Most of these letters were from World War II veterans, making it all the more special.

The mother and daughter share a passion for acting, and that’s evident from how Mary followed the footsteps of her mother in the entertainment world. Donna was a successful actress popular for portraying negative roles and supporting characters in many films. However, Donna did not limit herself to that. Along with her then-husband, she even made a television series featuring as the main lead.

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