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Celebrity Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents: You Might Get Confused Who’s the Parent and Who’s the Kid

Mariah, Michaela, and Cara Kennedy Cuomo – Andrew Cuomo


Popular political figure Andrew Cuomo is a lawyer and author. He went to Albany Law School of Union University in New York. His political career started when he worked for then-President Bill Clinton’s administration back in 1993. He later became U.S. Department Housing and Urban Development’s Assistant Secretary. His dedication and hard work paid off, eventually becoming the governor of New York.

His work as a successful author and lawyer has earned him a good fortune. It is thus possible for him to lead a luxurious lifestyle and take care of his family’s needs too. He has three daughters Mariah, Michaela, and Cara, with former wife Kerry Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s daughter. Andrew’s daughters are lovely and have caught the attention of the public. They’re still too young to decide whether they want a career in politics, not just being Andrew Cuomo’s daughters, but also being Kennedys, but no doubt these three girls have a bright future ahead!

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