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With or Without Make-Up, These Fabulous Stars Look Absolutely Stunning!

Katie Holmes – Batman Begins

Katie Holmes is a perfect example of natural beauty. Her expressive and soulful eyes speak volumes, and she looks really attractive without a trace of makeup.

Her eyes seem to look somewhat rough on the edges and there is a trace of dark circles as well. We think she is not getting adequate sleep owing to a tight schedule. However, there is no such stipulation that one has to look absolutely perfect every single time and hence, we have every support for Katie.

Let us tell you that when Holmes is all done up, she is picture perfect and we aren’t exaggerating one bit. We are excited about her future endeavors and hope that she will be accumulating more currency into her bank account. She married Tom Cruise, but the couple had to hire a divorce attorney and eventually separated. But even that emotional roller coaster didn’t leave a trace of stress on her gorgeous face.

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