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Six Tips & Tricks That Can Help You Look & Feel Younger

There is nothing wrong with aging — in fact, we should all whole-heartedly accept all the challenges that age throws at us and try to make the most out of it. But that doesn’t mean you need to become boring, wear neutral colors, and show off your greys to let the world know that you’re old. Your outward appearance does not have to define your identity at all. You have the right to dress and wear makeup any way you want, as long as you are true to yourself and you feel better about how you look. Anti-aging tactics do not begin and end with beauty creams and serum; there is more to it. A few changes in your way of dressing and hair can do wonders and make you look at least five years younger. Want to know how? Read on!

Invest In A Good Pair Of Jeans

Nothing says old age like a bad pair of jeans with folds in all the wrong places. So, rummage through your closet, pull out all your jeans, and see if you have the right pair. With time, various parts of our body succumb to gravity, and it needs some extra push to look perky and younger. This is very true for your bottom. Always look out for pants that have at least 2% Lycra or stretch material. It has been found that pants with more than 98% cotton lose their shapes faster as cotton stretches over time and do not provide the much-needed support.

Be Bold

When we age, we tend to keep it safe and always wear things that usually work for us. In our endeavor to make ourselves look more presentable and taken seriously all the time, we forget to introduce the fun element in our dressing. It is not age that makes us old but monotony. If you keep wearing pantsuits and formal suits all the time in neutral colors, you will definitely look old. Hence, try to introduce some color, a touch of boldness in the form of accessories, or some quirky prints. Wear a colorful scarf, a bold pair of earrings, or a statement neckpiece — anything that goes well with your personality and makes you stand out as well. But make sure not to overdo it!

Use Light Makeup And Emphasize On A Few Products

If you have great skin then you don’t need to put on a lot of makeup in order to look younger. Just a few things might do the trick for you. Defined eyebrows, glossy lips, and a little color on your cheeks are all you need to look youthful and radiant. To make your skin glow, you can use an illuminator or highlighter. Unless you are attending a big party where everyone will be dressed to the T, ditch the heavy makeup and let your skin breath.

Minis Are For All Ages

Don’t think you can’t wear minis just because you have crossed the threshold of 50. There are no written rules about what one can or cannot wear once they are 50. If you have the right body type and, more importantly, the right mindset, you can pull off anything you wear. Pairing a mini skirt or dress with opaque stockings or knee-high boots might give you more confidence and give your entire outfit further boost.

Go For Tailored Or Well-Fitting Clothes

Baggy, ill-fitting clothes can be a wardrobe disaster no matter how old you are. So make sure the pieces you buy are well-fitted. If tailoring is available and it is not too expensive, get your clothes fitted. Highlight the places in your body that look good; for example, if you have a small waist, go for clothes that are cinched at the waist or crop tops that show a bit of your mid-area. But show skin only if you are comfortable. It is not like you can’t do it since you are old now. If you want to show skin, keep it classy. Wear a Bardot dress or a one-shoulder top and highlight your slim shoulders.

Dressing up is all about your personal choice and your body type. If you are not a great judge of your clothes, ask help from a friend who dresses well and go shop together next time. Whatever you do, do not try to hard to look younger. Just follow the tips and it will come to you. Trying too hard makes it look fake!

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