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Seven Secrets From Kate Middleton amd Meghan Markle That You Need to Follow!

Flawless skin is no longer optional when you have eyes of the world on you but comes with the job description. Hence, it is not by accident or chance that the royal family has radiant skin. They understand the importance of skin and how it is a reflection of their health.  Well, if you are trying to recreate the perfect photo op-ready glow, then there are lotions, potions, and rituals that ladies from the royal family use to get a glowing radiance. Here are some tips that you must follow.

Your Skin is What You Eat

What goes inside you, not only impacts your health but your skin too. If you are thinking of mimicking Markle’s forever flushed glow, you’ll need to follow a perfect dietary regimen. The Duchess of Sussex credits nuts, especially almonds for her flawless skin, and we can see the impacts. Munching on a handful of almonds can fulfill your skin-nourishing nutrients as it contains Vitamin E and zinc.

 The Power of Glycolic Acid

Well, if you are trying to amp up your antiaging skincare savior in your beauty routine, you have got to add glycolic acid to your beauty cabinet like Markle. She constantly likes to play around with the skincare routine and has finally been found in Jan Marini’s lineup. She has been using their serum which makes her skin really glow up. If you’re trying to add more glycolic acid into your regimen, well you are doing the right thing as it gives you a clearer, even-toned skin that also becomes soft to the touch.

Moisturize Your Entire Body

Most people do not give the skin on their body the same importance as their facial skin. However, Markle is not guilty of making the same mistake. She uses an anti-pollution defense with the Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Face Serum and hydrates her body with the Nivea Skin Firming Body Lotion. She uses it religiously and is people’s favorite lotion on the market, as it is not only affordable but can make your skin really look and feel amazing. Markle buys many moisturizers once she lays her hands on them.

The Right Makeup Can Do Wonders

You may not have to attend a calendar with a lot of royal duties, but you can still flaunt flawless skin all the time. Finding the right everyday products is a must and you can skip your moisturizer sometimes, especially if your skin isn’t feeling up to it. In an interview, Markle said that sometimes she skips the foundation, and instead uses Laura Mercer Radiance Foundation Primer after she puts on a moisturizer. It certainly serves the purpose and gives her skin the coveted glow.

Antiaging Skin Elixirs For the Night

Both the duchesses, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, want every second of the day to count, even while they are sleeping. The Duchess of Cambridge makes her skin work overtime while she’s getting her beauty sleep with the Beauti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir. Middleton keeps it on her nightstand and shared the skincare secret with Markle regarding the product. Inside the serum, you may find 14 plant-based oils that slow down the enzyme which accelerates the aging process. It also prevents collagen and elastin breakdown, helping you get truly ageless skin.

Skincare Oils are Bae

Middleton banks on Organic Rosehip Oil to give her gorgeous skin. It has become a regular fixture in her everyday beauty regimen and even her mom, Carole Middleton follows the same. It is full of skin-nourishing nutrients – consisting of 80 percent of the essential fatty acids – which also keeps her dark circles at bay and slows down the signs of aging.

 A Fan of Elizabeth Arden

At 94, Queen Elizabeth still looks gorgeous. It may have something to with the label, Elizabeth Arden. While you may not know a lot about the label’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, its users list it as iconic. The versatile cream not only helps in improving the facial skin but also nourishes the rest of the body. It improves heel-to-toe healing and offers deep conditioning to your hardworking palms.

Well, these are some of the basic skin rules that the female members of the royal family follow. You must try these out to glow like the beautiful duchesses.

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