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Seven Anti-Aging Tips Right From The Mouth Of Experts

For most of us, it is hard to embrace aging. The change in our minds and bodies become tough to accept. However, if you think deeply, this is just a situation that has been pre-conditioned by society since younger people tend to exclude seniors who are usually considered useless, unfit for work, and often a burden. But this is so wrong! Aging is beautiful. And with age comes wisdom. Haven’t you noticed how you couldn’t get over a breakup in your teens but it became a lot easier when as you grow older? Life is a constant learning experience, and with each passing year, we learn more and more. By the time we hit 50, we will have learned a lot more than those in their 20’s and 30’s. Since aging has become a scary word for many, here are some tips from experts that might help you ease the process of aging as you grow old.

Smile A Lot

Smiling means you are happy, and when you are happy, you are actually doing your heart a favor. A study has shown that even 20 minutes of watching funny videos has shown a remarkable improvement in the memory of aged people. It also reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, and thus keeps your body and mind healthy. Remember, keeping your heart healthy is more important than avoiding wrinkles, and that should help you laugh a little more!

Take Fish-Oil Capsules

Fish-oil capsules are great for old age. It is packed with the goodness of Omega 3 which means it’s good for the heart, the immune system, and the skin and hair. Consider talking to your family physician once in order to consult about the dosage best suited for you. Also, if you are buying the capsules from a drug store, make sure the label says “molecularly distilled for purity” which means they do not have pesticides. This comes from Arlene Noodleman who is the director of a dermatology center in California.

Follow A Simple Beauty Regimen

This nugget of wisdom comes from a plastic surgeon named Karen Horton from San Francisco. Being a plastic surgeon and treating several people for their skin and other related issues, she follows an incredibly simple beauty regimen. Instead of buying products that cost hundreds of dollars, Karen suggests using products available from your local drug store. Once you are back home, wash your face with a face cleanser, put on some moisturizer, and you are set for  bed!

Avoid Eating Sugar

We all know how processed sugar is not good for our health. Avoiding sugar at all costs can be very gratifying for your body. Santa Monica-based dermatologist Ava Shamban says sugar weakens the binding of collagen in your skin, thus making it sag easily. Instead of eating it, why not use it as a scrub while having a bath or shower? You can even search for D.I.Y. sugar scrubs using natural ingredients online to try out. Scrub your hands and your face with it, and see the results for yourself!

Invest In Some Spa Or Massage Time

Whatever you do, there are certain situations that you can’t really avoid. For example, sitting for hours in front of the computer at work, getting stressed out from issues concerning personal matters. So what you can do instead is to spend some time getting a spa or massage for yourself. You do deserve some me time, so take advantage of it. Reflexology and deep-tissue massages are the best options for getting relief from stress. It also ensures better blood circulation throughout your body, keeping your skin and body healthy.

Make Your Snacks Healthier

In between meals, you might be tempted to get an unhealthy snack, but think again. When you cross the threshold of 40, stop snacking on random food, but of course, if you can do it even earlier, all the better. Fruits and nuts are great as snacks.  While the acid in fruits work as a natural cleanser and keep your teeth whiter, it also removes stains. Nuts, on the other hand, are extremely good for your health.

Eat And Wear Your Vitamins

As you age, you need some vitamin supplements, but at the same time, you can try putting some vitamin-enriched moisturizers and serums on your face. The antioxidants help repair sun damage, increase collagen production, and works as SPF!

We hope this helps and make you better equipped to handle your aging process. However, you must keep reminding yourself that age is just a number, and you don’t need to prove anything to others anymore! Think of what you have gained rather than what you have lost!

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