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Say Goodbye To Morning Fatigue With These Super-Foods!

It’s quite common to feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning, but did you know that this is one way your body is trying to convey something to you?

If you do not feel well-rested after getting the proper eight hours of sleep. If you are dependent upon coffees and energy drinks so much that they’ve become a daily part of your routine. Then you need to consider the amount and quality of sleep that you are getting as well as what you are feeding to your body. In this matter, it is important to consider natural whole foods as only those can help to provide us with energy that won’t be followed by a crash, while also leaving us feeling light. Here are some foods that can help you fight off that fatigue!


A combination of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, this fruit helps to keep us energized for hours. As they contain a high amount of fiber, avocados are also helpful in stabilizing the blood sugar level. For these very reasons, it is important for us to try and add avocado to our morning meals. You can put it in your smoothie, with eggs, or simply with some toast! The options are pretty limitless.


High water-content foods are a very important part of the diet as they help to keep us from dehydration. A dehydrated body can easily experience fatigue and other similar symptoms. Watermelon is the perfect fruit in this situation as it provides you with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help you feel energized and reduce any kind of muscle soreness.


Another food that is power-packed due to its richness in Vitamin B and Magnesium are almonds. Almonds can, therefore, be said to be a great source of high-quality protein, fiber, and fats. These factors help in converting the food in your body into energy along with fighting off muscle fatigue so that you are ready to work at all times.


Known for being a great source of calcium, folate and B vitamins, Kale is the vegetable you need in order to thrive. It’s a source of iron, minerals, and antioxidants that helps to carry the oxygen to the tissues and cells. For its role in providing us with energy whilst eliminating caffeine, we must incorporate it into our meal through a juice, smoothie or omelet.

Bee Pollen

Adding this superfood to your morning smoothie bowl is just the boost you need. High in B vitamins, amino acids and rutin, bee pollen helps to enhance your energy and physical endurance. It does this by supporting healthy blood vessels, improving circulation and fighting off inflammation.


High in potassium and fiber, this fruit provides you with a great amount of energy. Its best form is in ripe as that is when most of the energy is in the form of sugar which means you should grab a banana that’s freckled and yellow rather than green. Since it is a source of magnesium and B vitamins, it also slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream and helps in keeping you active for a longer time period.


Vitamin C, folate and iron is the combination you get from this vegetable. Taken in appropriate amounts, these can help provide us with just the energy we need and thwart off any signs of lower iron levels since that is one of the major causes of fatigue.


A fruit that is not only tasty but also one packed with power. Dates are just the fruit you need to get calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. Having them as they are, or in any other way will lead to easy digestion and result in long-lasting energy.

Chia Seeds

These help to lower down your appetite as their digestion may result in the expansion of their size that is big enough to fill up your stomach. These small seeds are a great source of energy because they are not only a source of antioxidants but also vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and fiber.

The above foods can do wonders to that feeling of fatigue we often feel, whether in the morning, afternoon, or in a commute home. To make matters easier, you could even start implementing these foods slowly into your everyday diet to the point that it will start feeling natural to have them every day. In this busy world we’re living in, it’s good to take a few minutes each day to do something that will better us in the long run – in this case, healthy food.

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