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The Real Reason Jane Fonda Looks Like It’s Still 1980s

It’s not only Jane Fonda’s acting skills that can sweep you off your feet, her flawless beauty can be equally mesmerizing. She looks magical at 83, though you will hardly be able to guess her age by just looking at her. Jane Fonda has had a stellar career encompassing six decades and has laid her hands on almost all the prestigious film awards that you know of. Aside from those, she truly deserves one more award for looking eternally young. Fonda is a renowned activist and a feminist as well. Despite an active career and social presence, she has not let all these commitments from making her look anything less than ethereal. She enjoys her beauty routine and has a lot of beauty secrets up her sleeve. Some of them are as follows.

She Never Uses the Same Moisturizer

You do look up to the celebs for beauty tips, don’t you? Fonda has been no different. According to the Academy Award winner, she was advised by Catherine Deneuve, a well-known French actress, back in the 60s to not use the same creams and moisturizers. Since then, Fonda has tends to try out different products for her skin. She has also heard from beauty experts that this is good for the skin and she still follows this trick to avoid dry skin. The products that she keeps using in rotation are L’Oréal Age Perfect, Mila Moursi skin lotion, and Uncle Bud’s Face Lotion.

Fonda Knows the Importance of Sunscreen

Never expose your skin too much to the sun is what Fonda advises. The actress makes it a point to smear her face with a sunscreen lotion whenever she goes out, to shield her skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. She had to fight skin cancer once and she really can’t take any risks. Though she loves the sun, she takes adequate measures to avoid harm to her skin. Fonda even visits her dermatologist once in 6 months and has her skin checked.

She Pampers Her Hair

Just like her skin, Fonda leaves no stone unturned in pampering her hair. She says healthy hair makes you look good and so taking good care of them is a must. Often people do all the things in the world to bring radiance to their skin but don’t take as much care of their hair. Using the right products for your hair is essential. If your hair is growing gray, leave it at that. Having gray hair doesn’t mean you wouldn’t look smart and beautiful. Look at Fonda. She is the brightest example you have.

She Ensures that Her Skin Stays Hydrated

Dry skin is no good. Fonda makes sure that her skin doesn’t dry up. As you age, your skin and hair eventually get drier. This happens with everyone. Use a good moisturizer, never forget to apply sunscreen, and drink lots of water. These are all essential steps to stay hydrated and look fresh.

She Visits the Professional Beauty Experts

If you want to see the real results, the professionals are the only ones you should rely on. They have a knack for delivering the exact thing you want for yourself. Mila Moursi is Fonda’s facialist and the actress is really fond of her. Fonda visits her once in two weeks. She believes Moursi is the world’s best facialist and can do wonders with her hands. Fonda also reveals that the facial she receives makes her skin come to life and that is certainly believable.

Fonda Knows How to Look Good Even When She is Protesting

You won’t believe it but Fonda has a protest beauty routine! That’s true. She states that when she is getting ready to join a large protest, she highlights her under-eyes. The primary reason for this practice is dark circles under her eyes, owing to a lack of quality sleep due to a packed schedule. Aside from the highlight, she curls her eyelashes, applies black mascara on the upper as well as the lower lashes, applies black liner on her eyes, and blushes on her cheeks. To go with her look, she switches between pale pink and bright red lipstick, but only after she has used a lip pencil to make her lips look distinct. That’s Fonda’s activism face.

Jane Fonda is a legend. Be it her acting prowess on the silver screen, her involvement in activism, or her beauty regimen. Everything is on point all the time.

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