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Pomegranate Is The Anti-Aging Superfood We Have All Been Searching For

Pomegranate is considered to be the Queen of all Fruits. It’s a known fact nowadays that eating pomegranate seeds or drinking its juice, has a lot of positive effects on your health. The fruit has high contents of the antioxidant vitamin C, anthocyanins, catechins, and polyphenol compounds, and it prevents radical damage to your DNA. These qualities are enough natural goodness to make it an integral part of your everyday diet. However, there is a lot more to pomegranates that you should be aware of. It is an indispensable anti-aging substance as well as a disease fighter. How? Read on to learn more.

Pomegranate Seed Oil Is An Excellent Skin Care Product

Pomegranates can help in natural skin care remedies. The seed oil, specifically, is hailed as the ‘elixir of youth’ and there is a reason why. Its fine structure is absorbed into the skin smoothly, aiding in the proper nourishment of your skin. As per a lot of studies that have been carried out recently, pomegranate oil easily sinks into your skin, repairs tissue damage, and promotes hydration. If you want to integrate this into your skincare routine, go for cold pressed pomegranate seed oil. Your skin will thank you later as it will help in preserving the nourishing vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients. All in all, the oil benefits dry, cracked, sun-burnt, or aged skin, and those with psoriasis and eczema can also greatly benefit from using it.

It Helps In Keeping Your Skin Young and Glowing

The seed is laden with antioxidants which protects you against skin cancer and helps in the prevention of free radical damage. A study has revealed that pomegranate seed oil is extremely useful in fighting against skin cancer. Later, it was discovered that it enhances the growth of keratinocytes, which are large cells that are present in the upper and outer layers of your skin. Pomegranate seed oil boosts in epidermis regeneration. Moreover, the seed oil contains around 80% of punicic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, which has a variety of biological properties, including anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, anti-proliferative, and anti-carcinogenic activity which help in fighting several forms of cancer. Punicic acid can also play a key role in strengthening skin elasticity, ensuring that your skin will remain supple and plump.

Benefits Of Pomegranate Juice

Since pomegranates are such a good source of antioxidants and flavonols, they can reduce the risk of arthritis. Owing to its anti-inflammatory nature, regular consumption of this fruit can help in reducing the severity of joint inflammation and arthritis. Punicic acid and several other extracts enhance the fruit’s ability to prevent tumors. In the studies related to breast cancer, pomegranate seeds find a special mention as the punicic acid present in the seeds is known to prevent the growth of breast cancer cells. Daily consumption of pomegranate juice and seeds can reduce the growth of prostate cancer, too. According to several studies, there are several compounds present in the fruit that exhibit anti-tumorigenic effects. Pomegranates have also been associated with male fertility and the growth of healthy hormones in men.

Other Lesser Known Benefits

Arils have been an integral ingredient in natural medicines and are used to cure hemorrhoids, stomachaches, conjunctivitis, osteoarthritis, and more. Aside from that, it helps in lowering blood pressure, strengthens the body’s immune system against virus and bacteria, reduces bad cholesterol and inflammation, and can even lower the chances of heart disease. Pomegranates also contain estrone, which is among the 3 types of estrogen that are manufactured naturally by your body.  The fruit contains high amounts of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and manganese that play a vital role in the production of new bone cells, which can lead to better bone strength and bone density. Aside from this, the collagen-stimulating properties of pomegranate compounds helps in maintaining the strength of ligaments and cartilage.

Whether you consume pomegranate as a whole fruit, take it as a supplement, or drink its juice, you can lay your hands on the anti-aging benefits of this astonishing fruit. Of course, it’s not cheap, but remember, that a cup of pomegranate seeds each week can benefit older men and women in such a way that you may find it worth shelling out some extra bucks for them. Aside from this, it would do your skin a world of good if you decided to try out pomegranate seed oil to keep your youthful skin intact. It’s amazing how a simple fruit such as this holds so many benefits for our health!

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