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These New Anti-Aging Treatments Can Help You Look Young Effortlessly

Though aging is a natural process, modern science and technology have become advanced enough to come up with innovative ideas and techniques that can actually make us look a lot younger than our age.  It can even fix certain parts of our bodies that might not have the same oomph it had 10 years ago. The best part is that most of these methods can last for a very long time and comes without any scary side effect.

Wouldn’t you love to know about them? So here they are!


A thread-lift has to be one of the most popular trends in the beauty industry in recent times. Threads are already being used to lift facial skin, and now, they are used on the body as well, including our butt, knees, and breasts. The kind of thread that is used in this procedure is the same one that surgeons use to stitch our skin after an operation. They are made of polydioxanone or PDO. The PDO stimulates collagen and helps in its synthesis under the skin. Aside from that, it also helps the skin against sagging. It is usually inserted in the skin and is absorbed by it in four to six months. The effect stays on for close to two years!

Plastic Bristles For Putting Anti-Aging Products On the Skin

This is a fairly new device in the market that combines not two but four very important techniques to be used on the skin – microdermabrasion, microcurrent, microinfusion, and micro-needling. It is a roller-like instrument that uses plastic bristles to aid in applying anti-aging products right in your skin using ionic puncture. It is very gentle on the skin and can be used even under the eyes. It mimics the micro-needling process. Though our skin has a protective barrier preventing any microorganism like bacteria to get under it, this instrument makes it possible through its groundbreaking technology. It works like magic on wrinkles!

Hair Treatment Using Nanotechnology

Thanks to the various chemicals used on our hair and the growing pollution, there’s no denying that our hair is damaged and brittle, but new research in Japan has helped develop a technique that can make even terribly damaged hair look glossy and healthy. It uses nanotechnology that works on the cellular level and helps in restoring the cell membrane. First, the hair is treated with four layers of products. Then, a machine that looks like a rotating halo is used on the hair, and this helps each strand deeply absorb all the goodness of the applied products. We might not be seeing this one in our neighborhood salon now, but chances are we might very soon!

Chemically Remove Cellulite

With age comes the problem of cellulite. Almost 80 to 90% of women experience it. Though there are tons of products and treatments available in the market, none of them provide permanent solutions and, at best, are good for a few months or days. Changing our lifestyle might help — having a low-fat diet, exercising regularly, and quitting cigarettes are recommended. And now scientists have come up with a chemical treatment that will cut down cellulite with surgical precision but without the pain. It hasn’t blown up yet, but with more research to come, hopefully, it’ll hit the beauty industry soon enough!

Fillers For The Eyes


Dark circles are a very common problem in both men and women. With age, various ailments, depression, and insomnia make these unwanted undereye bags almost permanent. Some people have genetically inherited them from their parents. In these cases, a filler injection for the eyes can be quite effective and don’t worry, it’s totally safe! Both young and old people can use it without worrying much. Teosyal is one such filler injection used especially for the eye. Since the area around the eyes can be quite sensitive and the skin very thin, this particular injection is highly recommended.

Finally, we can’t help but mention that since aging is a normal process, instead of being scared of it or trying to age in reverse, people should embrace it. Because once you do, you will be more at peace with yourself which will make all the stress of growing old go away. A good lifestyle and healthy body should be cherished much more than youthful looks!

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