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The Standards of Beauty are Changing and They Follow The Natural Course of Nature

The fashion and beauty industries have been the forte of the youth so far. Not only were they driving the industry, but they were also spreading the message worldwide that without youth, the beauty industry won’t thrive. Even the word “anti-aging” has a negative connotation — so much negativity packed in a nine-letter word. And we all know that Hollywood itself is not very kind to aging. The showbiz industry has always considered youth to be of utmost importance.

Thankfully, the mindset centering on beauty and fashion is changing worldwide. People are not as crazy about anti-aging anymore. Many celebrities have come forward to spread the message that aging gracefully is what needs to be promoted — not anti-aging products. However, people have started embracing age and promoting pro-aging these days. The billion-dollar beauty and cosmetics industry have picked up the pulse, and there is an evident shift in the way they are marketing their products.

The Ages Of Fashion Models Are Changing

Though most people would say that there is no change in customer attitudes, the winds of change are being felt. Take, for example, Rebecca Valentine. She is the founder of the Grey Model Agency in London. As the name suggests, they have models of various ages, the oldest of the lot being 85. In fact, the agency is thriving as of now as aged models are very much in demand not just for various fashion shows but for high-fashion editorials, too. Valentine adds, “A very good friend of mine owns a big PR agency, and they are no longer able to say ‘anti-aging’ to their clients, they have to talk about pro-aging. And I do think that this is the result of the marketplace, insisting on a new representation of their age group and their demographic.”

Ageism Is Taking A Backseat

Though we can’t say that ageism has totally vanished, it might in the near future which is not too bad. Aging is hard, especially for women. The pressure to stay beautiful and to cover our grey hairs and our wrinkles compel us to splurge on anti-aging products and even go for Botox or plastic surgery. But if we think about it, do we really need to hide something that happens to everyone? Should we really be obsessed about stopping what is supposed to be a natural process? Society’s obsession as to how a woman should look is to be blamed here. But more and more women are coming to the forefront and talking about how we should not be ashamed of aging. It is best to promote beauty products as things that would make us age gracefully and not look younger.

Even Men Are Affected

Men are not completely immune to anti-aging effects. Just like fad diets are becoming a thing of the past, aging should be looked at from a healthier perspective with men included in the picture. There is a thriving industry out there — getting bigger by the day and riding on the word, “anti-aging”. But did you know fashion magazine Allure banned the word in 2017? Many men have come out saying they do not like the term anti-aging and prefer words like age-delaying or age-intercepting.

The Beauty Industry Must Adapt To The Change

The movement is catching up, and the beauty industry must adapt to it as well or it might get left behind. Several influencers are speaking about age, and if they keep promoting anti-aging products, they might face a backlash. Social media has empowered common people and given them a platform to voice out their opinion. The beauty and wellness industry must work with a more holistic approach. It is best to stop promoting negative words and instead work towards achieving a healthier life.

Contrary to what gets promoted, advanced age can be quite gratifying. With various experiences comes acceptance which is great for our mental health, as it reduces stress levels. With age comes more confidence, self-awareness, and maturity.  Instead of portraying aging in a negative light, we should look forward to this phase of life to experience newer things. Of course, acceptance doesn’t happen in a day nor does it happen with just a handful of people. Every one of us needs to be aware and promote pro-aging in order to make this true!

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