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What Are Lucy Liu’s Anti-Aging Skincare Secrets?

Ask any celebrity about their daily skincare routine, and one common reply is the obsession with sunscreen! Not to miss out on how much water they drink every day. This is not the case, however, with everyone. On-screen, you might not have doubted if their complexion looked this flawless, but see a bit closer, and you will know whether their hacks are exactly the ones they follow.

But Lucy Liu is different. Her radiant and sparkling skin tone stands testimony to the immense effort she puts into skincare. The 52-year old can stun anyone. And if there’s one thing that works as a magic potion for her – then it’s how she dabs her skin with sunscreen to protect from skin damage.

Lucy had confessed how her skin color and ethnicity acted as motivators to apply adequate SPF religiously. Even skin experts agree. UVA and UVB rays from the sun are, in reality, quite likely to burn the skin. Here are a few more anti-aging tricks that the evergreen Lucy didn’t hide from the public and the media.

She’s Careful About Her Diet

Water is her life savior. Research has often questioned if there’s any base to the statement about water improving on skin glow; skin experts suggest it’s a fact. Water intake in adequate amounts minimizes the skin showing signs of dullness, wrinkles, and prominence of open pores.

Lucy had never really been a beverage person, but recently, she started drinking coffee regularly. Knowing well how caffeine isn’t healthy for the skin, she agrees with her liking for coffee and particularly enjoys the characteristic bitter taste. But she has limited her brews to mornings only.

Soap-Free Skincare

If she’s not wearing makeup, Lucy sticks to a very simple skincare regime. She washes her face with water and a washcloth, sans any soap. If she has shoots or specific work on the set, she swears by her eye makeup remover.

Generally, the area around the eyes is the most sensitive, so extra care needs to be imparted. So that scrubbing and irritating the area is avoided, she pays more attention to the region. After washing her face, use any mild cleanser or soap. She makes it a point to prepare a good mix of cream, aloe vera, and a little oil. The mixture is then slathered on the face.

Moisturizing Is An Absolute Must

Lucy calls her ‘Aquaphor the wonder product. In one of her interviews, she said that the moisturizer could be dabbed on the skin during winters, alongside the chapped lips. Surprisingly the product works great for a baby’s butt region too. One can treat even cuts and bruises on the skin using this.

Lucy admitted that this amazing product is her companion when she needs to glam up a little and moisturize the skin well. But that’s not all! Her facial skin is well maintained. While being on the go, the regime differs.

As per her routine, she tried a lot of things earlier. But now, she sticks to a bare minimum. Small Avene cream and coconut oil are all that she carries in her handbag, even before retiring for the night.

A small moisturizing skin cream that a Japanese pharmacist developed comes in handy. Lucy adds how the cream helps her combat over-dryness. Unlike most lotions loaded with harsh chemicals and unnecessary scents, this is a perfect go-to item.

Acupuncture Is A Skin Saver

Simple is the keyword when it comes to Lucy’s daily skincare routine. This was ideally not her choice but passed down by her parents, owing to her culture. But acupuncture is where she tends to splurge on, sans any guilt! It’s no less than ‘preventati9ve medicine’ for her. It’s just that she needs to visit monthly, get a little checkup done, and stay well-regulated and healthy. The skin stays young and fresh, especially during stressful times or jet lags.

Lucy prefers to stay away from abrasive products and treatments. She sticks to her minimalistic approach, and that’s precisely why she looks amazing even now. Most importantly (and shocking as this may sound), Lucy isn’t a great fan of facials! She usually discards anything that uses harsh abrasives for the skin. Now, this can be a great lesson for those heading towards the parlors frequently!

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