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Jade Roll Your Way Into Gorgeous and Youthful Skin!

Jade roller or face rollers are everywhere nowadays. This ancient Chinese secret is easily available and pocket friendly too. So, is it any good? While the Chinese believe to be drawn out the negative Qi or life force in traditional medicine and martial arts. (it is pronounced as ‘chi’).

It is an effective anti-aging tool that promises many benefits, such as reducing dark circles, wrinkles, and pain. With beauty bloggers raving about it, we understand why you want to give it a shot too! But is it worth the hype? Well, experts say yes, and people worldwide are falling in love with it because it’s an anti-aging treatment that doesn’t thin your bank account!

What Is a Jade Roller?

A jade roller is a beauty hack or a beauty tool that resembles a mini paint roller for your face. It is made of stone and looks very pretty to look at. One look at the thousands of Instagram posts will tell you how thousands of women are using it every day, after applying a serum or sheet mask to their skin.

The jade stone feels cool against your skin and applies gentle pressure over the face. You can store it in a fridge to make it cooler. It may even reduce the skin’s puffiness and a quick roll all over your skin to refresh your skin. Here are some more benefits of this amazing tool that adds diversity to your beauty regime.

Lymphatic Massage

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you may find your skin has swollen a little. The roller can help eliminate the lymphatic fluid and reduce swelling and inflammation while lymphatic drainage happens naturally. Lymph fluid carries white blood cells to areas of the body, crying for help, such as swelling.

After the cells have completed their job, the fluid is sent back into the bloodstream. So, if you are using the jade roller to work on the lymph nodes outside the mouth, base of the nose, under your chin, behind your ears, you will the fluid flow toward these specific spots.

Anti-Aging Properties

Beauty influencers, actresses, and cosmetologists have been singing paeans of it. It is mostly because face rollers help absorb the lotions, and serums penetrate better onto your skin. We know that massage helps increase blood circulation, and the extra massaging can help soak up the beauty products better. A 2017 study shows that women using a massaging tool find better results with the anti-aging creams than those who use their fingers.

The absorption of the cream or serum is much better. It may also help temporarily relieve the tension around your facial muscles, especially around the sensitive areas of your face, namely the under-eye and the forehead. This may reduce your stress and make you look more youthful. But yes, you should not think it is a miracle cure for all your worries or, say, wrinkles.

How to Use a Jade Roller Effectively?

If you want to reduce puffiness under the eyes and reduce dark circles, keep your jade roller chilled inside your refrigerator before you start rolling it over your skin. It may look simple, but there is a right way to use it to maximize benefits. You can start with your face then move your fingers down the neck. This ensures proper lymphatic flow. The movement of the roller should be up and out. This can help draw away the fluid from your face. Don’t forget to use it on your skin’s neglected areas like the lips and neck.

This is the area where you may first spot the first signs of skin aging. Also, it is important to be always gentle with your skin. The consistent pressure may hurt you, so don’t press hard. Just, press right. You can try it in the morning and evening and yes, don’t forget to clean it up well with soap and water after using it. This helps maintain the hygiene quotient of your beauty tool.

So, are you ready to give this wonder tool a try? If you are already using the jade roller, do let us know how it’s benefited you! And do not forget to share this article with a friend, so that they could benefit from looking flawless too!

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