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Is Fifty-one the New Thirty-one? Learn Age-Defying Skin Tips that Jennifer Aniston Uses!

Watching endless reruns of the ‘Friends’ episodes makes us wonder how Jennifer Aniston looks so impeccably gorgeous at fifty-one? She does not age period. Right from her Rachel days to the Morning Show on Apple INC, she looks just so gorgeous. We are a fan, as is evident! And wouldn’t you love to know how she looks so good, there must be some seriously expensive antiaging tips in her arsenal?

So, we decided to delve deep and discover her secret antiaging tips! We bet she is as disciplined with her beauty routine as she is with her exercise routine. Thinking of following it up? Well, it isn’t as expensive and as undoable as we initially thought it would. Here, stay tuned to know more!

Cold Water Is the Secret

The only thing that works when it comes to anti-aging is discipline and add to that ample dozes of self-control. If cutting out gluten, dairy isn’t quite your thing, then you can try an easy-peasy hack that can help you look fresh and young, if you follow it up in the morning. Splash your face with ice-cold water about twenty-five times as soon as you wake up. At the risk of your face feeling numb and jolting you out from your reverie, it can wake up your skin.

Light Therapy to Boost Circulation

Celebs are hooked to the idea of using infrared therapy to boost skin circulation, and Jenny follows it to T. It is said to help improve skin texture and helps in boosting collagen production. She believes it is a complete game-changer when it comes to anti-aging treatments.

Like her friend Courtney Cox who has her portable infrared sauna, she uses it too, at least a few times in a week, right after her gym sessions. It also helps her to feel more energetic and sleep better.

Using Less Makeup Always Helps

The one thing that Jen has stuck to is staying true to her beauty routine and keeping things simple. Her day time make up look is fuss-free. She uses less makeup, a brush of pink lipstick, a mascara coat, and a cream- blush to perk up her cheeks. That’s it, amigos! Her make up bag isn’t bulging like the rest of us, and she likes to keep things minimal.

Self-Care Routine for Your Skin’s Well-Being

Jen is a fan of self-care like most of us, but the difference between her and us is she practices them, and we don’t! She indulges in regular spas, keeping Sundays as spa days. Jennifer uses it as a mini-facial time. She is all for a good scrub and a mask. Also, she is watching what she eats, but of course, and never skips her exercise.

You may not always have time, but you have to make time for something that can keep you healthy and reverse aging. She hardly munches on junk food and wakes twenty minutes earlier to sneak in a workout. Also, she never skips meditation. It’s such a big part of her life that she does not give it much of a thought.

Pass on the Coffee, Err Celery Juice, Please!

Jennifer swears by her morning glass of celery juice. She has her dose of green juice first thing in the morning. However, she has to force herself to break away from coffee. Most skin specialists believe celery is good for your skin as it is packed with vitamin K and it is great for helping bring circulation in the skin, and it reduces stress levels too.

Jennifer Aniston believes the secret to her youthful skin is that it is simple. You don’t have to load your skin with lots of skincare products to make it look youthful and fresh. Also, she takes care that she does not wash her face too many times as it may strip your face of essential oils.

Most of her skincare products are organic and nourishing. There you go, the simplest tips and tricks to slow down the aging clock. The simplest tips are usually the most effective. Write to us and tell us whether you found these points useful and whether you are going to make it a part of your beauty regimen? One of our editors has swapped coffee with celery juice, and we are eager to find out whether this hack works for her?

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