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These Hollywood Veterans Have Aged Flawlessly – We Can’t Get Over Their Lifetime of Beauty

Michelle Pfeiffer – 1958


Michelle Pfeiffer is the name that everyone has heard of. She is known to the audience for her iconic roles in movies such as ScarfaceThe Fabulous Baker Boys, and Batman Returns. And while she has never visited any rehab facilities or substance abuse centers unless she was visiting a colleague, she does have an addiction – smoking. Another thing that distinguishes her from other celebs is her marriage that has lasted for thirty years now. Well, we definitely shouldn’t expect to see Pfeiffer even near any divorce law firms anytime soon. And judging by her looks and wrinkle-free face, she won’t be needing any service from plastic surgeons either. Investing loads of money in skincare treatments and anti-aging creams works for Pfeiffer just fine.

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