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These Hollywood Veterans Have Aged Flawlessly – We Can’t Get Over Their Lifetime of Beauty

 Goldie Hawn – 1945

Multi-award winning actress Goldie Hawn made her acting debut in the early ‘70s and she instantly became a superstar. But unlike many of her colleagues who have risked their acting career for  illegal substances thus needing to enter treatment centers, Hawn has worked on increasing her net worth instead. More admirably, she’s made sure to make good use of her money and the dividends of her work by founding the Hawn Foundation for unprivileged children. In 2017, fifteen years after her last appearance, the seventy-two-year-old Goldie decided to return from retirement and hop on the big screen once more. Her stunning looks and flawless skin sparked tons of rumors about possible laser, chemical peels, and plastic surgery procedures, but those have never been confirmed.

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