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Here’s How You Can Anti-Age Your Whole Body

You might have heard why moisturizing is an indispensable part of your daily skin routine. Religiously doing the same with your body must protect and repair damages caused to the skin. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sticking to a good regimen.

It will ensure that every portion of your body is hydrated well is a sure shot way to reduce signs of aging. Rachel Nazarian, the MD at Schweiger Dermatology Group, is the right person to help turn back time if you follow her tips. Use her valuable tips if you want to turn back the clock and age like a fine wine.

Drink A Lot Of Water

The skin is an organ, and we tend to forget this often. A lot depends on what you put into it, as much as you lather the best of creams and lotions. At least a liter or two is essential if you wish to keep the suppleness of your skin intact and healthy. This is highly important if you look at it from the perspective of years, and not just a day.

 Exercising Is A Must

What exactly do you feel looking at the timeless frame of J.Lo? Instead of making random assumptions, we can point out that the secret to her ‘wow’ physique is nothing but exercising. Nazarian points out at the growing body of evidence that shows how exercises help deal with the anti-aging process far better.

This includes cases of patients whose skin earlier fine lines or reduced length of cell telomeres. But all these turned in the reverse when exercising was included in the daily schedule.

Check Your Showering Habits

Not everyone will think of this, but no matter how relaxing the experience of turning on the hot handle is, we suggest you should not. Added to that are the long hours put into it.

Using too much soap (or gel), showering for longer periods, and hot water can devastate your skin’s condition. The skin’s breakdown process starts right here from sucking the essential oils to set in early signs of aging like fine lines and even dullness.

Use Anti-Aging Ingredients

Have you heard of retinoids yet? These active ingredients tackle issues of wrinkles and fine lines and help plump up the skin, helping the noticeable damages fade away. To incorporate some add-ons, topical peels with glycolic acids are effective.

Nazarian said that these help in retaining the smoothness of the skin, and also the complexion. With the cell-turnover increased, the skin’s natural repairing mechanism gets augmented in this way. But overdoing or using extreme cleaner and soaps can strip the natural oils present and make it dry.

Once-A-Week Exfoliation

To get back the long lost glow, turn to exfoliation. Once a week, the process of exfoliation can slough off the dead-skin build-up. Also, the topical moisturizers or even treatments undergone will prove to be useless since these can’t penetrate the fresh skin. Exfoliating daily or even thrice or more in a week can make the skin irritated.

Apply Moisturizer All Over The Body

Do it daily. What we often tend to forget is taking this seriously. And Nazarian says that the body’s natural capability in retaining moisture decreases as we age, so this step becomes mandatory.

Especially after showering or applying cleansers, the natural oils need a re-boost. Moisturizing immediately after the shower or bathing can easily absorption by the body since the skin stays wet.

Keep Your Diet Balanced And Nutritious

After a point of time, the obsession with a lean or slim and trim body should vanish. Instead, you must consider your health as a priority. Nazarian recommends eating a balanced diet to revamp the body’s state or recover from the pre-existing damages.

You can retain your skin’s glow by consuming omega-3 rich foods. After all, good fats always help the skin to create a proper barrier. And foods replete in anti-oxidants like pomegranate, berries, and green tea would help undo the free radicals, bring about early aging signs.

While you can always switch over to the most expensive products or treatments at online and offline counters, always try to defy aging by sticking to healthy habits and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

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