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Four Ways You Can Slow Down Aging Today

The science behind aging is poorly understood by laymen, though the signs are widely known – wrinkles, sagging skin, discoloration, and loss of elasticity in the skin. The truth is, there are several factors that contribute to our aging and to how quickly we age. We have no control over some of these but then, there are those that we have influence over.

The natural aging process is one that we cannot influence in any way. It is a natural phenomenon for cells in our body to degrade over time, and so visible lines on our face are not things we can prevent for good. With time, the skin becomes thinner and loses moisture quickly. This is the normal aging process. When exactly and at what rate these changes occur is controlled by our genes. This is a type of aging called intrinsic aging.

Environmental and lifestyle factors that influence our aging are the factors that we have some control over, and these are the factors that we can manipulate to slow down the aging process by some margin. The term that describes this type of aging is extrinsic aging. Here are a few ways you can take preventative action against extrinsic aging.

Sun Protection

The sun’s role in extrinsic aging is a major one. Sun protection is easily available, and it is the easiest way to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun. If you must be in the sunlight — like if you’re on vacation at the beach or on a hike — make sure to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of minimum 30 and ensure that it is water-resistant. Apply the cream 20 minutes before exposure to sunlight and continue reapplying every two hours or even sooner, depending on the activity you are doing. We know how important it is to chase that sun-kissed tan in the summer, but it is far safer for your skin if you invested in a good bronzer or self-tanner instead. And don’t go thinking that your tanning bed is safe – it isn’t! Any form of tanning your skin leads to premature aging. So look for a good tanning liquid for your skin tone and enjoy your youthfulness for a little longer!’

A Balanced Diet

Don’t underestimate how important a highly nutritious meal can be! Of course, one healthy meal once a month isn’t what we are looking for. Try to change your eating habits so that you eat clean every day. Eat as many different colored fruits and vegetables as you can throughout the day and don’t skip meals. Your body needs proper nutrition and vitamins to be at its best, and this applies to the condition of your skin as well. Topical nutrients can only do so much, but being healthy from the inside will definitely reflect on the outside!

A Good Cleansing Routine

You may think that scrubbing your skin every night is helping you achieve your skin goals, but actually, using abrasives on your delicate facial skin can be very irritating and even accelerate aging. This includes exfoliating scrubs which are actually intended for once a week rather than once a day. It is best to cleanse your face twice a day as the perspiration and product build-up throughout the day aren’t healthy for your skin. Invest in a gentle cleanser and make sure to remove all traces of makeup or product from your face. Take a minute or two when cleaning your skin to make sure you do it well. Those two minutes are a small investment compared to the rewards! Your skin will thank you later!

Choose Your Facial Care Products Carefully

It isn’t uncommon for facial care products to burn or sting the skin when they are applied, but it isn’t normal either. As common as this is, it is actually a sign that your skin is irritated by whatever product you are applying to it. Irritated skin will appear aged faster. Try using natural products and ones that contain very short ingredients lists. Try having a closer look at the ingredients label of the products that burn or sting your skin and you may be able to identify a common ingredient, pinpointing whatever it is that’s causing the irritation. Also, ensure that you always use the samples or testers of a product before buying the whole bottle just to check whether it is gentle enough for your skin type. Use a good moisturizer that doesn’t leave your face feeling tight or dry through the day.

It is never too late to start using these tips to prevent further premature aging to your skin. If you have been making mistakes in your skincare routine, just forget about how long you’ve been doing them and start making the changes to your routine today.

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