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These Four Myths About Aging Have Been Busted!

There are celebrities who believe that avoiding any and all facial expressions will help them avoid wrinkles, and we don’t blame others for thinking the same and following suit after seeing their flawless and uncreased skins. Contrary to this belief, though, smiling isn’t the only culprit when it comes to wrinkles, and it’s not a stiff face that’s been keeping those celebs’ faces so youthful.

Wrinkles are simply a result of skin that is aging and it comes after volume loss – a natural process. It is also normal to feel self-conscious about wrinkles. Today, we take a look at some of the myths around wrinkles and debunk them for good!

Wrinkles Are Genetic

You sure could have inherited your mother’s eyes or your father’s nose, but you probably didn’t inherit their wrinkles and fine lines. Wrinkles are a result of several other impacts other than genetics and believe it or not, up to 90 percent of the visible damage to the skin is actually through photodamage, a result of exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun. And so, the age at which you begin to see fine lines or wrinkles crop up is not dependent on your genetics so much as on your skincare and the preventative measures you take like applying sunscreen religiously. In fact, you should be applying an SPF 50 sunscreen every two hours, every single day, even if you don’t think it’s sunny. Also, you should avoid products that sting or burn and use moisturizer and antioxidant-rich products.

A Perfect Skincare Regimen Exists

It doesn’t. That’s the bottom line. Every single person has their own skincare routine and there is nobody who can have the perfect one that avoids aging and all its signs. Skincare is about a lot of trial and error, and it is about figuring out what works best for your specific skin type. Of course, there are a couple of key components of a skincare routine that you should have covered, like adapting to a product before using other new products and using products only with clinical-grade ingredients, giving your routine enough time to work its magic and to keep using the products that do give you results.

The Best Stuff Comes At The Highest Price

You have to understand that the anti-aging industry knows that wrinkles are a fact of life. So long as you are living in your fifties and beyond, you will get them because you are human. This means that as long as they manufacture products that promise to erase the signs of aging, they make money. The anti-aging industry is booming, and it is coining it. That’s because serums and treatments, creams and masks, and every other beauty product are all very pricey.

A good wrinkle treatment doesn’t actually have to send you into your overdraft, though. Put an end to overspending and overtreating your skin. Use as few products as possible, but make sure the ingredients are clinical grade, pure, and beneficial to your skin. Antioxidants and natural ingredients are safer and gentler on the skin than any expensive product. In fact, using medical-grade products before choosing items from your beauty supply store may save you hundreds of dollars.

Moisturizer Keeps Wrinkles At Bay

Applying moisturizer should be your way of giving your skin some love. Moisturizer is a must, there’s no doubt about it, but relying on your moisturizer to keep wrinkles at bay is going to leave you disappointed. The moisturizer does not prevent wrinkles. It can actually make them appear less noticeable, but this is only because it traps moisture or water in your skin, maintaining the skin’s hydration and keeping it plumped up. The fact that the skin is plump and stays this way makes wrinkles that are forming and that have formed much less noticeable. However, moisturizers will not prevent wrinkles from forming. This doesn’t mean you should bin your moisturizer! It still is a critical skincare product, so continue regular use, but don expect it to stop your wrinkles in their tracks!

Wrinkles can certainly make you feel older than you feel, especially if you are light at heart. You may even be one of the many who go to great (and sometimes extreme) lengths to treat any signs of aging, which can be anything from the most intricate of skincare routines to the craziest of surgeries. But we’ve come along way in science and biology, and some things just aren’t true, while some things just don’t work. It’s best to embrace the natural aging process, and smile and move on!

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